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Mark Spain

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This research examined existing and modified communication to community members who may be affected by natural hazards to derive evidence-based insights into risk and warning communication during the response phase of emergencies. Through this project, the research team developed an evidence base for the context of risk and warning messages across multiple channels and sources, constructed evidence-based warning messages that overcome ambiguity caused by conflict between warning messages and socio-environmental cues, optimised warning messages to improve community members’ readiness to act in accordance with emergency instructions, and translated research findings into practical tools tailored to the existing and emergent needs of end-users.
This three-year project worked with those in the emergency management sector engaged in diversity and inclusion practice to develop an evidence-based framework capable of supporting more effective management and measurement of diversity and inclusion. This project has experienced a high level of uptake and use during its three-year term and training in the use of the framework is underway. This has been aided by the sector’s focus on progressing the diversity and inclusion agenda, and the work of peak agencies and end-user organisations to develop programs and leadership. It has also contributed to the repositioning of the diversity and inclusion agenda as a risk-based business imperative, and has developed and provided materials to support the integration of diversity and inclusion into resilience, risk and workforce planning frameworks.
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