Greg Christopher

Greg Christopher

Greg joined the CRC from August 2018 to August 2019 as the Utilisation and DELWP Program Manager, taking over from Loriana Bethune who is on maternity leave.

Greg is a lead end-user from Emergency Management Victoria.

Lead end user

Current government spending on natural disaster response is more than 20 times the spending on preparedness. Many climate-related natural hazards are increasing, along with the number of people living in hazard-prone areas. Large natural disasters also cross domains, moving from the private to the public realm, and shifting from a local, to a state or national concern. This raises the potential of future, unmanaged risks.

This project mapped a broad range of economic, social and environmental values and related them to natural hazards across several case studies. It explored who owns these values and what happens when they cross domains, as well as how a range of alternative strategies may contribute to improved resilience by sustaining economic, social and environmental values in a changing environment.

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