Georgina Goodrich

Georgina Goodrich

Georgina Goodrich

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How people volunteer to keep their community safe from natural hazards is changing. As our work and life commitments change, many people do not have the time to dedicate to traditional ways of volunteering with an emergency service, undergo the required training and develop the ability to respond to potentially dangerous situations. But they still want to help, and they still want to volunteer.

This project investigated current and emerging issues around volunteering and volunteers responding to disaster events, and the different factors that can influence people’s participation in non-traditional emergency volunteering.

Research team:
This project had two parts: Emergency volunteering 2030, led by Dr Blythe McLennan, and Changing management practice, led by Dr Patrick Dunlop.The goal of this researcg was to improve the long-term sustainability of the volunteer workforce, and better engage the potential of volunteering to build disaster resilience in Australian communities.

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