Bin Xing

Associate student
Bin Xing

Bin Xing’s research is looking at seismic retrofitting for the limited to non-ductial reinforced concrete buildings in Australia, which make up most of Australia’s buildings. This study aims to develop a new methodology to evaluate the potential seismic risk of vulnerable existing reinforced concrete buildings to make informed decisions about vulnerable buildings in Australia, including the requirement of seismic retrofitting, upgrading of the design standards and codes, and the development of insurance policies.

Prior to pursuing his PhD, Bin worked as a civil engineer in China, a civil designer for the Robert Bird Group in Brisbane, an architect for G.P. Micalef Design and a structural engineer for JSC consulting engineers in Melbourne.

Student project

The research project is to study the seismic retrofitting for the limited to non-ductile reinforced concrete (RC) buildings in Australia which make up the most of the Australian building stock.

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