Dr Petra Buergelt

Dr Petra Buergelt

Petra is a social scientist who lectures and researches at Charles Darwin University, School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences. She is also the Deputy Chair, Group of Energy Efficient Researchers (GEER, Australia), a research fellow at the Joint Centre for Disaster Research (Massey University, NZ), and an international associate at the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research (Victoria University, NZ).

Her research interest is human adaptation and transformation. She is specialising in employing qualitative research to gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of the individual and contextual/environmental (historical, natural/build, interpersonal, social, cultural, spiritual, economic, political) factors and processes that empower humans and communities effectively managing and even thriving in the face of change, uncertainty, risk and adversity. To this end, she is passionately working in projects that create living in harmony with nature/environment and each other by exploring my research is focusing on researching:

  • adaptive capacities (individual and community)
  • transformation of mind and behaviour
  • transformative education
  • leadership, team work and collaboration
  • Indigenous knowledges
  • spirituality and alternative healing approaches

She is exploring these research foci in the areas of natural extreme events and disasters, migration and Indigenous communities.

For over 15 years, Petra has been investigating the interaction of psychological and environmental factors that influence risk reduction, preparedness and response for various natural hazards (bushfire, tsunami, earthquakes) and pandemics in different countries (Australia, USA, NZ).

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