Sami Shah

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Sami Shah

Sami Ullah Shah completed his Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 2001. Since then he remained employed at various government departments on different roles which include construction manager of rehabilitation works in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, as part of ERRA (Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority); Garrison Engineer for planning and supervision of construction projects and maintenance of services in Jacobabad, Pakistan, Under MES (Military Engineering Services); project manager as part of UNMIL (United Nations Mission in Liberia) at Monrovia, Liberia etc.  He completed his master’s degree in remote sensing and GIS from National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2016. Currently, Sami is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University, focusing on ‘’Development of an Integrated Method to Predict Bush-fires Hazard using Remote Sensing Data’’.

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