Simeon Telfer

PhD student
Simeon Telfer

Simeon has worked in Fire Management with National Parks and Wildlife in SA for nearly 10 years. He specialises in fire behaviour analysis and has been deployed to major fires most states and territories of Australia and to British Columbia, Canada. Simeon has delivered training in meteorology and fire prediction to fire behaviour analysts around Australia. He is a key end user for several BNHCRC projects, particularly those focussing on fire behaviour and using remote sensing to improve our understanding of bushfires. He is now completing his PhD with RMIT University on the remote sensing of fuel to improve fire behaviour predictions.

Simeon's research will use remote sensing technology to quantify fuel load to predict the probability and spread of fire in "Coastal Mallee" of South Australia. Coastal Mallee is found on Kangaroo Island and other coastal areas of South Australia. It is characterised by relatively short canopy but very high fuel loads. Bushfire burning coastal Mallee are difficult to predict, and existing fire behaviour models are considered unsuitable by fire behaviour analysts, due to the type and quantity of fuel. Recent advances in remote sensing fuel metrics allow for better quantification of fuel load and arrangement. This research will use these new fuel metrics as direct inputs to predict fire behaviour, as opposed to fuel proxies which have been used in the past. This will allow a greater spatial extent and accurate fuel load to improve the planning of prescribed burns and prediction of bushfires. 

Student project

This project proposes to measure bushfire fuel using remote sensing and the effects of fuel on fire behaviour.

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