Revathi Nuggehalli Krishna

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Revathi Nuggehalli Krishna

With a background in clinical psychology, Dr Revathi Nuggehalli Krishna’s research explored how children and families living in poverty cope during natural hazards. With case studies in Australia and India, Revathi looked at how both adaptive and maladaptive coping strategies will assist with lessons that can be translated into intervention efforts that builds resilience in coping with adversities like natural hazards. Prior to beginning her PhD, Revathi led a clinical team for a large, randomised control study testing psychosocial intervention to treat perinatal depression in India.

Revathi submitted her PhD in January 2021 and as of June 2021 was waiting on confirmation. She is now a research fellow at Monash University’s Sustainable Development Institute.

Student project

Many of the people living in poverty are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty regardless of where they live – low and middle income countries / high income countries). Recurrent disaster events escalate vulnerability and poverty levels. Though the link to poverty worsening the effect of natural disasters and vice versa are well established, not much has been explored in the way of understanding how children who live in poverty usually cope with these recurrent adversities The project will explore coping of children and families living in poverty during disasters in both Australia and India in order to exchange and build on the existing knowledge base. The project eventually aims to develop an intervention that builds their resilience in coping with adversities like disasters.
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