Alex Redshaw

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Alex Redshaw

Alex Redshaw is a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science graduate who is completing his Master of Research (Health Science) in partnership with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service. His research focuses on defining and assessing the movement capacities of modern Australian firefighters. The project will add to the existing research regarding the physical occupational demands associated with urban firefighting. Results of this study will inform the development of specific SAMFS injury prevention, physical performance, and skill development programs.

Student project

This study will provide a sound understanding of the movement capacity requirements of modern SAMFS firefighters. The findings will identify the physical demands of critical occupational tasks, aiding the teaching and programming of future training activities. This study will also assess the movement capacities of full-time firefighters at the SAMFS. The establishment of a contemporary ‘normative’ database of movement capacities in the SAMFS will be the first of its kind and will aid the development of future injury prevention initiatives.
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