Type Title Credited author Credited author/s NON-CRC
Presentation-Slideshow Hardening buildings and infrastructure mgriffith
Presentation-Slideshow Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data sgrimaldi
Presentation-Slideshow Mitigating the effects of severe fires floods and heatwaves pfoxhughes
Presentation-Slideshow Impact forecasting for severe wind events hrichter
Presentation-Slideshow Optimisation of prescribed burning regimes for fuel reduction, carbon, water and vegetation tbell
Presentation-Slideshow The savanna and rangelands monitoring and evaluation reporting framework aedwards
Presentation-Slideshow Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe wind events jginger
Presentation-Slideshow Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community risk jkepert
Presentation-Slideshow Fire spread prediction across fuel types by physics-based modelling kmoinuddin
Presentation-Slideshow The prescribed fire atlas oprice
Presentation-Slideshow A guide to develop bushfire case studies – a case study for cropland fires sharris
Presentation-Slideshow Spot-fire project: research and utilisation jsharples
Presentation-Slideshow Mapping bushfire hazard and impacts myebra
Presentation-Slideshow Enhancing resilience of critical road structures under natural hazards ssetunge
Presentation-Slideshow Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling jkepert
Presentation-Slideshow Determining threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour tpenman
Presentation-Slideshow Fire surveillance and fuel kreinke
Presentation-Slideshow Improved decision support for natural hazard mitigation griddell
Presentation-Slideshow Integrated urban planning for natural hazard mitigation amarch
Presentation-Audio-Video A monitoring and evaluation framework for the northern savannas aedwards

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