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Key Tasks Cognitive Aid

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This tool is designed as a prompt to help regional and state-level incident and emergency management teams. It ensures they are undertaking tasks important to effective performance, especially when under stress, fatigue or pressure. It is a cognitive aid, providing a checklist of key tasks that need to be completed during an emergency.

Using the aid

The checklist is reasonably high level and is divided into five phases of incident management that are common to regional control centres (RCC) and state control centres (SCC).

The actual tasks required in each phase, and the order that they are undertaken, will differ between centres, depending on jurisdictional arrangements, agency protocols and hazard type. It is likely that managers will work through each phase several times in a cyclical manner.

Checklist for Regional Control Centres and State Control Centres

Readiness phase

Preparing for the likely escalation of incidents

Escalation phase

Responding to escalating incident activity

Coordination phase

Coordination of resourcing and the response to the incidents

De-escalation phase

Scaling back activities to match the requirements of current incidents

Termination or close the RCC phase

Termination of SCC and RCC operations

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