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2012 Report Challenges and implications facing senior personnel enga...
02/2019 Journal Article Challenges for prescribed fire management in Australia’s... fire impacts, land management, savanna grasslands
06/2017 Journal Article Challenges for valuing ecosystem services from an Indige... environments, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
04/2019 Journal Article Challenges for wildfire-prone urban-rural interfaces: Th... fire, planning, risk management PDF icon Challenges for wildfire-prone urban-rural interfaces The case of Melbourne
02/2015 Conference Paper Challenges of Measuring Emergency Management Performance... decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon owen.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Challenges, Opportunities, and Pitfalls for Global Coupl...
5/2012 Journal Article Changes in behaviour of fire in dry eucalypt forest as f...
04/2008 Journal Article Changes in understorey plant species richness following...
November 2011 Journal Article Changes to occupational health and safety laws and the i...
08/2018 Report Changing capabilities of emergency service organisations diversity and inclusion, organisational, resilience PDF icon Changing capabilites report
12/2017 Thesis Changing Fire Regimes in Tropical and Subtropical Austra... fire, Northern Australia, savanna grasslands PDF icon philip_stewart_thesis.pdf
Journal Article Characteristics of lightning-attributed wildland fires i...
12/2020 Journal Article Checks and balances: A business‐oriented lens on disaste... communication, communities, recovery
12/2020 Journal Article Checks and balances: A business‐oriented lens on disaste... communication, communities, warnings
02/2016 Journal Article Child Health and Survival in a Changing Climate: Vulnera... child-centred, communities, risk management
07/2016 Journal Article Child-centered disaster risk reduction: Can disaster res... child-centred, education, resilience
Report Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction Annual Report 2014 child-centred, communication, risk management PDF icon Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction Annual Report 2014
04/2020 Journal Article Child-centred risk reduction and school safety: An evide... child-centred, communities, resilience
Book Chapter Children as change agents in reducing risks of disasters child-centred, communication, education
11/2017 Journal Article Children in disasters: the role of household preparednes... child-centred, multi-hazard, resilience
06/2018 Journal Article Children in the 2015 South Indian floods: community memb... child-centred, communities, flood
Journal Article Children's understanding of natural hazards in Chri... child-centred, communication, risk management PDF icon ajem-29-01-16.pdf
03/2020 Journal Article Children, bushfire and climate change child-centred, fire, resilience
10/03/2015 Journal Article Children’s knowledge of bushfire emergency response child-centred, communication, risk management PDF icon wf13153.pdf
11/2020 Journal Article Civil society mobilisation after Cyclone Tracy, Darwin 1... capability, emergency management, organisational PDF icon civil_society_mobilisation_after_cyclone_tracy_darwin_1974.pdf
5/25/2007 Report Classifying objectively identified wind changes using sy...
05/2010 Journal Article Classifying the fire-response traits of plants: How reli...
06/2014 Journal Article Classroom responses of New Zealand school teachers follo... child-centred, communication, risk management
2010/10/15/ Journal Article Climate and recent fire history affect fuel loads in Euc...
2013 Report Climate change adaptation and floods: Australia’s instit... flood, planning, policy
12/2019 Conference Paper Climate change as an emerging disaster risk in Australia... climate change, decision making, local knowledge PDF icon joseph_cuthbertson.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Climate change effects on the frequency, seasonality and... climate change, fire, prescribed burning
12/22/2005 Report Climate change impacts on fire-weather in southeast Aust...
07/2019 Journal Article Climate Change Increases the Potential for Extreme Wildf... fire, fire weather, modelling
07/2020 Journal Article Climate Change Significantly Alters Future Wildfire Miti... climate change, fire, prescribed burning
12/2019 Conference Paper Climate Ready Communities: empowering communities to spr... climate change, communities, preparedness PDF icon nick_banks.pdf
10/2020 Journal Article Climatology of wind changes and elevated fire danger ove... fire severity, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon climatology_of_wind.pdf
Book Co-Building with Bamboo communities, infrastructure, resilience
10/2018 Journal Article Collaboration in disasters: A cultural challenge for the... communication, emergency management
01/2017 Journal Article Collapse assessment of reinforced concrete building colu... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
Thesis Collapse behaviour of limited ductile high-strength RC c... emergency management, engineering, infrastructure
10/2020 Journal Article Collapse probability of soft-storey building in Australi... earthquake, physics, resilience
08/2015 Conference Paper Combining hydrologic and hydraulic models for real time... flood, forecasting, remote sensing PDF icon Hydrologic and Hydraulic Models for Real Time Flood Forecasting
2014 Report Communicating Risk Information Processing Under Stress:...
2007 Journal Article Communicating uncertainty via probabilities: The case of...
2005 Journal Article Communities and bushfire hazard in Australia: More quest...
Conference Proceedings Community adaptation to bushfire in a changing climate:...
02/2018 Journal Article Community adaptation to cope with disaster related road... communities, multi-hazard, resilience PDF icon community_adaptation_to_cope_with_disaster_related_road_structure_failure.pdf
8/17/2007 Journal Article Community and fire service perceptions of bushfire issue...
12/2019 Report Community benefits of roof upgrades cyclone, emergency management, severe weather PDF icon community_benefits_of_roof_upgrades.pdf