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09/2017 Report Resilience to clustered disaster events at the coast - s... coastal, coincident events, storm surge PDF icon ga_nichol_bnhcrc_annual_report_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy for flood prone build... engineering, flood, mitigation PDF icon ra01_maqsood_with_eu_annual_report_with_eu_2016-2017_-_mpr_approved_xx.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Enhancing team performance capability, decision making, emergency management PDF icon bearman_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Unpacking the sectoral income effects of natural disaste... economics, flood, modelling PDF icon ulubasoglu_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper The interaction between firefighting boot design and low... emergency management, optimisation, volunteering PDF icon walker_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling project: annual projec... fire weather, modelling, severe weather PDF icon na12_peace_with_eu_annual_report_2016-2017_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper An assessment of the viability of prescribed burning as... fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management PDF icon remenyi_pr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper A community's experience of bushfire response and r... communities, fire impacts, recovery PDF icon jennings_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Lessons learned from a multidisciplinary investigation i... fire, fire impacts, scenario analysis PDF icon peace_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Enhancing the resilience of critical road infrastructure... engineering, infrastructure, resilience PDF icon ra09_setunge_with_eu_annual_report_2016-2017_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Report Disaster landscape attribution: annual report 2016-17 fire, fire impacts, remote sensing PDF icon na02_sjones_with_eu_annual_report_2016-2017_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper No ordinary call: factors predicting fire communication... capability, emergency management, resilience PDF icon bradley_pr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Scoping remote north Australian community resilience and... indigenous communities, Northern Australia, resilience PDF icon ra03_russell_smith_with_eu_annual_report_2016-17_-_mpr_approved_xx.pdf
09/2017 Report An improved approach to understanding the drivers of nat... decision making, mitigation, planning PDF icon an_improved_approach_to_understanding_the_drivers_of_natural_hazard_risk_honours_final_report.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper How risk informs natural hazard management: a study of t... emergency management, modelling, policy PDF icon crawford_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Methods of structural analysis of buildings in regions o... earthquake, engineering, risk analysis
09/2017 Conference Paper The Australian Flammability Monitoring System fire, fire impacts, modelling PDF icon yebra_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Determining threshold conditions for extreme fire behavi... fire, fire impacts, fire severity PDF icon na14_duff_with_eu_annual_report-2016-2017_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper From research to red tape - the challenges in implementi... emergency management, governance, policy PDF icon savage_pr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Implementing CRC research: development of a tool for ass... fire impacts, hydrology, modelling PDF icon leavesley_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Using realistic disaster scenario analysis to understand... emergency management, multi-hazard, scenario analysis PDF icon pa02_loridan_with_eu_statement_annual_report.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Multi-hazard mitigation planning, combining modelling, s... decision making, multi-hazard, scenario analysis PDF icon riddell_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Savanna fire management and bushfire and natural hazard... fire, Northern Australia, savanna grasslands PDF icon na04_russell-smith_with_eu_annualreport_2016-17_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Extreme weather: improved data products on bushfires, th... fire weather, multi-hazard, severe weather PDF icon dowdy_pr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: annual... multi-hazard, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon ra06_parsons_with_eu_annual_report_2016-2017_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Where do we put our dollars? Economic analysis of differ... economics, emergency management, fire PDF icon florec_npr_final.pdf
09-2017 Journal Article Improved treatment of non-stationary conditions and unce... coastal, severe weather, storm surge
08/2017 Thesis Factors influencing householder self-evacuation in two A... communication, fire, warnings PDF icon ken_strahan_thesis.pdf
08/2017 Journal Article Using alternative soil moisture estimates in the McArthu... fire, fire impacts, modelling
08/2017 Report Influence of road characteristics on flood fatalities in... flood, risk analysis, vulnerability PDF icon influence_of_road_characteristics.pdf
08/2017 Journal Article A review of methodologies applied in Australian practice... coastal, decision making, resilience PDF icon A review of methodologies applied in Australian practice to evaluate long-term coastal adaptation options
08/2017 Report Mapping values and risks from natural hazards at geograp... economics, multi-hazard, vulnerability PDF icon institutional_framework_for_values_bnhcrc_final.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article The role of prior experience in informing and motivating... earthquake, preparedness, resilience
07/2017 Report Final report: seismic retrofit tests of URM cavity walls earthquake, engineering, mitigation PDF icon t3r02_m4.2.2_final_report_on_nsm_frp_retrofit_cavity_wall_experiments_final.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Time and space scales in the tropical cyclone boundary l... cyclone, forecasting, severe weather
07/2017 Report Strategies for non-traditional emergency volunteers: a r... non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering PDF icon 2017_out_of_uniform_risk-benefit_framework_final.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Assessing ecological performance thresholds in fire‐pron... environments, land management, Northern Australia
07/2017 Journal Article Investigation of firebrand generation from an experiment... fire, fire weather, propagation
07/2017 Report Risk ownership framework for emergency management policy... decision making, economics, multi-hazard PDF icon t3r04_m4.3.1_risk_ownership_framework_final.pdf
07/2017 Report Rapid response report: study of heatwave impacts on resi... recovery, resilience, severe weather PDF icon rf-heatwave-westernsydney-2017final.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Experiences of sheltering during the Black Saturday bush... fire, fire impacts, vulnerability
07/2017 Journal Article Flood loss modelling with FLF-IT: a new flood loss funct... flood, mitigation, modelling PDF icon nhess-17-1047-2017.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Verification of a Lagrangian particle model for short-ra... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon verification_of_a_lagrangian_particle_model_for_short-range_firebrand.pdf
07/2017 Report A modified Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia (2015) scenari... emergency management, modelling, scenario analysis PDF icon tc_scenarios_yr_3_technical_note_final.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Determination of smoldering time and thermal characteris... fire, fire weather, modelling
07/2017 Journal Article Estimating rainfall time series and model parameter dist... communities, emergency management, flood
07/2017 Report Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related... earthquake, engineering, mitigation PDF icon t3r02_4.1.2.bnhcrc_economic_modelleing_framework_final_report_for_submission_30_9_2016_final.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Effects of Oxygen Concentration on Radiation-Aided and S... fire, fire weather, fuel reduction
07/2017 Journal Article Bridging the divide between studies on disaster risk red... child-centred, education, risk management
07/2017 Journal Article Utilization of remote sensing techniques for the quantif... environments, fire, remote sensing