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11/2017 Thesis Statistical Characterisation Of Wind Fields Over Complex... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon rachel_quill_thesis.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article The oak or the reed: how resilience theories are transla... policy, resilience, risk management PDF icon es-2017-9491.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article Case studies of material properties of late nineteenth-c... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
11/2017 Journal Article The effect of working on-call from home on salivary cort... capability, emergency management, optimisation
11/2017 Conference Paper Seismic Assessment of the RC building stock of Melbourne... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
11/2017 Report Downscaling of soil dryness estimates: a short review fire, modelling, remote sensing PDF icon t1n09_milestone_3.3.3_downscaling_lit_review.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article You own the fuel, but who owns the fire? emergency management, policy, risk analysis
11/2017 Journal Article Predicting the failure of timber bridges by using curren... engineering, mitigation, modelling
11/2017 Report Evaluation of daily soil moisture deficit used in Austra... fire, modelling, remote sensing PDF icon evaluation_of_daily_soil_moisture_deficit_used_in_australian_forest_fire_danger_rating_system.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article Children in disasters: the role of household preparednes... child-centred, multi-hazard, resilience
11/2017 Journal Article Seismic fragility curves for limited ductile RC Building... earthquake, mitigation, modelling
11/2017 Report Mapping training delivery framework and pathways for the... communities, indigenous communities, Northern Australia PDF icon t3r18_m2.3.2_mapping_training_delivery_framework_and_pathways_final.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article Meteorological drivers of extreme fire behaviour during... fire, fire weather, severe weather
11/2017 Journal Article In-situ seismic verification of non-structural component... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
11/2017 Report Numerical modelling of fires on forest floor and canopy... fire, fire impacts, modelling PDF icon numerical_modelling_of_fires_-_floor_and_canopy.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article Valuing recovery through risk ownership diversity and inclusion, organisational, resilience
11/2017 Journal Article Modelling FRP-to-substrate joints using the bilinear bon... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
11/2017 Thesis Estimating areal rainfall time series using input data r... flood, hydrology, modelling PDF icon ashley_wright_thesis.pdf
11/2017 Journal Article Planned and ultimate actions of horse owners facing a bu... animals, resilience, risk management
11/2017 Journal Article Empowering remote Indigenous communities in natural disa... communities, indigenous communities, resilience
11/2017 Journal Article Analytical modelling of podium interference on tower wal... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
11/2017 Journal Article Development of a predictive model for estimating forest... fire, modelling, remote sensing
11/2017 Report Integrating non-market values in economic analyses of fl... economics, multi-hazard, policy PDF icon t2p02_m1.02.3_apnnell.pdf
11/2016 Journal Article Investigation of firebrand production during prescribed... fire, fire weather, modelling
10/2017 Report Advances in the remote sensing of active fires: a review emergency management, fire, remote sensing PDF icon 2.2.3_advances_in_the_remote_sensing_of_active_fires_report_v1.0.pdf
10/2017 Journal Article Advancing values-based approaches to climate change adap... coastal, decision making, resilience
10/2017 Journal Article From research outcome to agency change: mapping a learni... decision making, emergency management, policy PDF icon ajem-32-04-19.pdf
10/2017 Thesis Synthetic damage curves for concrete girder bridge decks... flood, modelling PDF icon farook_kalendher_thesis.pdf
10/2017 Journal Article Reviewing high-risk and high-consequence decisions: find... framework, governance, policy
10/2017 Journal Article Review of literature on decision support systems for nat... decision making, policy, risk management
10/2017 Report Launceston flood risk mitigation assessment - June 2016... economics, flood, mitigation PDF icon launceston_flood_project_-_newstead_report.pdf
10/2017 Journal Article Effects of podium interference on shear force distributi... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
10/2017 Report A natural hazard building loss profile for Australia: 19... multi-hazard, risk analysis, vulnerability PDF icon buiding_damage_profile_for_australia_bnhcrc.pdf
10/2017 Journal Article Exploring the circumstances surrounding flood fatalities... flood, policy, severe weather
10/2017 Report Launceston flood risk mitigation - June 2016 floods economics, flood, mitigation PDF icon launceston_flood_risk_mitigation_assessment_project_-_final_report.pdf
10/2017 Journal Article Analysis of rapid damage assessment data following sever... cyclone, engineering, severe weather PDF icon ajem-32-04-21.pdf
10/2017 Report Emerging technologies for estimating fuel hazard capability, fire, remote sensing PDF icon 2.2.2_disaster_landscape_attribution-_emerging_technologies_for_estimating_fuel_hazard_v2.pdf
10/2017 Journal Article Priorities to guide hazards research emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management PDF icon ajem-32-04-06.pdf
10/2017 Journal Article Narrowing the awareness-action gap: cultivating fire-fit... PDF icon ajem-32-04-18.pdf
10/2017 Report JASMIN: A prototype high resolution soil moisture analys... forecasting, fuel reduction, risk management PDF icon brr-026.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper The interaction between firefighting boot design and low... emergency management, optimisation, volunteering PDF icon walker_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling project: annual projec... fire weather, modelling, severe weather PDF icon na12_peace_with_eu_annual_report_2016-2017_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Thermodynamic considerations of pyrocumulus formation fire, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon tory_pr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Out of uniform (building community resilience through no... non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering PDF icon mclennan_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Disaster landscape attribution: annual report 2016-17 fire, fire impacts, remote sensing PDF icon na02_sjones_with_eu_annual_report_2016-2017_-_mpr_approved.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Implementing disaster resilience policy in the Australia... governance, policy, resilience PDF icon hunt_pr_final.pdf
09/2017 Report Scoping remote north Australian community resilience and... indigenous communities, Northern Australia, resilience PDF icon ra03_russell_smith_with_eu_annual_report_2016-17_-_mpr_approved_xx.pdf
09/2017 Report An improved approach to understanding the drivers of nat... decision making, mitigation, planning PDF icon an_improved_approach_to_understanding_the_drivers_of_natural_hazard_risk_honours_final_report.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Enhanced estimation of background temperature for fire d... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing PDF icon hally_npr_final.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Too good to be true? How a remote island community devel... communication, communities, resilience PDF icon sutton_npr_final.pdf