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08/2019 Journal Article Design procedure for seismic retrofit of RC beam-column... engineering, risk management, vulnerability
07/2017 Journal Article Investigation of firebrand generation from an experiment... fire, fire weather, propagation
05/2017 Journal Article Improving forest sampling strategies for assessment of f... fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
08/2018 Journal Article Extreme floods and river values: A social–ecological per... flood, resilience, risk management
10/2017 Journal Article Narrowing the awareness-action gap: cultivating fire-fit... PDF icon ajem-32-04-18.pdf
09/2016 Journal Article The role of weather, past fire and topography in crown f... fire impacts, fire weather, prescribed burning
05/2021 Journal Article Local Government Capacity and Land Use Planning for Natu... planning, resilience, risk management PDF icon local_government_capacity_and_land_use_planning_for_natural_hazards_a_comparative_evaluation_of_australian_local_government_areas.pdf
07/2017 Journal Article Time and space scales in the tropical cyclone boundary l... cyclone, forecasting, severe weather
08/2021 Journal Article Nandong smong and tsunami lullabies: Song and music as a... communities, local knowledge, resilience
03/2015 Journal Article Using discrete event simulation cellular automata models... emergency management, fire
08/2018 Journal Article Estimating fire background temperature at a geostationar... fire, modelling, remote sensing
04/2017 Journal Article Modelling the dynamic behaviour of junction fires with a... fire, fire weather, modelling
3/2012 Journal Article Identification of physically demanding tasks performed d...
02/2016 Journal Article Child Health and Survival in a Changing Climate: Vulnera... child-centred, communities, risk management
13/07/2015 Journal Article Vulnerability of Floodways under Extreme Flood Events flood, framework
01/2019 Journal Article Walking together: a decolonising experiment in bushfire... fire, fire impacts, fire severity
Journal Article Methods of Structural Analysis of Buildings Incorporatin... earthquake, mitigation, planning
03/2018 Journal Article Plastic hinge length for lightly reinforced C-shaped con... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
2005 Journal Article Landscape fires as social disasters: An overview of ‘the...
2008 Journal Article Review of formal methodologies for wind–slope correction...
15/09/2013 Journal Article Redistribution and emission of forest carbon by planned...
12/2020 Journal Article Intensifying Australian heatwave trends and their sensit... climate change, resilience, severe weather PDF icon Intensifying Australian heatwave trends
Journal Article Simplifying assessment of forest management practices fo...
Journal Article Does emotional closeness to pets motivate their inclusio... animals, communication, planning
2017 Journal Article Identifying and resolving coordinated decision making br... decision making, emergency management
11/2016 Journal Article Development and preliminary validation of the Constructi... communication, communities, preparedness
12/2018 Journal Article Crowdsourcing Methods for Data Collection in Geophysics:... multi-hazard, optimisation, severe weather PDF icon crowdsourcing_methods_for_data_collection_in_geophysics.pdf
05/2020 Journal Article Community engagement for disaster preparedness: A system... communication, communities, resilience
4/2011 Journal Article Preventing and Reducing Bushfire Arson in Australia: A R...
Journal Article Simplified elastic design checks for torsionally balance... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
08/2018 Journal Article Bushfire Preparedness, Planning, and Response among Anim... animals, planning, response
2009 Journal Article Instructor beliefs and their mediation of instructor str...
Journal Article Recognising Reality: Questioning the automatic evacuatio...
11/2018 Journal Article Simulation study of grass fire using a physics-based mod... fire, modelling, physics
10/2013 Journal Article Testing existing models for predicting hourly variation...
01/2014 Journal Article Estimating present day extreme water level exceedance pr... cyclone, flood, storm surge
1/2013 Journal Article A survey to identify physically demanding tasks performe...
07/2016 Journal Article Seismic site response analysis leading to revised design... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
04/2020 Journal Article Diminishing CO2-driven gains in water-use efficiency of... climate change, land management, resilience
11/2006 Journal Article Woody fuel consumption experiments in an undisturbed for...
01/2009 Journal Article Eucalypt smoke and wildfires: Temperature dependent emis...
2013 Journal Article Uncertainty associated with model predictions of surface...
02/2021 Journal Article Sexual Orientation and Prevalence of Mental Health Diffi... diversity and inclusion, mental health, organisational
05/2016 Journal Article The effect of split sleep schedules (6h-on/6h-off) on ne... capability, risk management, scenario analysis
12/2014 Journal Article Decision making on transport network planning and the im... engineering, mitigation, multi-hazard PDF icon 1-s2.0-s2212567114010144-main.pdf
02/2016 Journal Article Resolving future fire management conflicts using multi-c... decision making, emergency management
08/2021 Journal Article Disaster resilience in Australia: A geographic assessmen... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon Disaster resilience in Aust
05/2018 Journal Article A lightning-caused wildfire ignition forecasting model f... fire, fire weather
04/2020 Journal Article Analysis of Variation in Distance, Number, and Distribut... fire, fire weather, modelling PDF icon analysis_of_variation_in_distance_number.pdf
10/2016 Journal Article A moveable beast: subjective influence of human-animal r... animals, decision making, fire