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01/2015 Journal Article Sleep Restriction during Simulated Wildfire Suppression:... guidelines, volunteering
12/2015 Thesis Sleep restriction across a simulated firefighting deploy... fire, response PDF icon alex_wolkow_thesis.pdf
02/2018 Journal Article Sleep in wildland firefighters: what do we know and why... emergency management, fire impacts, fire severity
07/2018 Thesis Sleep and stress in on-call fire and emergency service w... emergency management, mental health
Book Chapter Sink or Swim: alternative approaches to flood disaster r... flood, planning, policy
09/2018 Conference Paper Simulations of the waroona fire with the access-fire cou... fire, fire impacts, modelling PDF icon Simulations of the Waroona Fire
12/2018 Report Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on s... fire, fire weather, modelling PDF icon Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on sub-canopy wind speed profiles
09/2018 Conference Paper Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on s... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on sub-canopy wind speed profiles_AFAC18 paper
12/2019 Conference Paper Simulations of radiation heat flux on a structure from a... engineering, fire, fire impacts PDF icon Simulations of radiation heat flux on a structure from a fire in an idealised shrubland
11/2018 Journal Article Simulation study of grass fire using a physics-based mod... fire, modelling, physics
01/2020 Report Simulation optimisation for natural hazard risk manageme... coastal, optimisation, risk management PDF icon adelaide_optimisation_report_june_2018.pdf
2006 Journal Article Simulation of prescribed burning strategies in south-wes...
07/2018 Journal Article Simulation of fuel bed ignition by wildland firebrands fire, fuel reduction, modelling
04/2020 Report Simulation of flows through canopies with varying atmosp... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon 3.2.3.pdf
06/2019 Thesis Simulation and analysis of surface wind fields during la... cyclone, emergency management, engineering PDF icon thomas_kloetzke_thesis.pdf
12/2017 Journal Article Simulating the effectiveness of prescribed burning at al... fire, fuel reduction, prescribed burning
Journal Article Simulating boundary-layer rolls with a numerical weather... fire, modelling
12/2018 Report Simulated wind load strength testing of soffits cyclone, engineering, mitigation PDF icon Simulated wind load strength testing of soffits
12/2018 Report Simulated wind load strength testing of entrance doors cyclone, engineering, mitigation PDF icon Simulated wind load strength testing of entrance doors
04/2019 Conference Paper Simulated transport of short-range embers in an idealise... environments, fire impacts, fire severity
10/2015 Thesis Simulated Self-Paced Wildfire Suppression Work in Differ... decision making, exposure, fire PDF icon brianna_larsen_thesis.pdf
Journal Article Simplifying assessment of forest management practices fo...
Journal Article Simplified elastic design checks for torsionally balance... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
03/2020 Journal Article Simplified calculation of roof accelerations in existing... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
04/2012 Journal Article Simple models for stomatal conductance derived from a pr...
07/2018 Journal Article Should we leave now? Behavioral factors in evacuation un... fire, modelling
02/2015 Journal Article Short-term forecasting of water yield from forested catc... fire impacts, fuel reduction, prescribed burning PDF icon water-07-00599.pdf
Journal Article Short Communication on Research Response to the Black Sa...
11/2015 Report Sheltering practices during bushfire communities, fire, policy PDF icon Sheltering practices during bushfire
09/2017 Conference Paper Sheltering in place during flooding: a case study of ex... cyclone, flood, risk analysis PDF icon haynestofa_npr_final.pdf
09/2021 Journal Article Shear Wall and Frame Dual Systems Featuring Discontinuou... earthquake, modelling, physics
Februray 2011 Report Sharing risk: Financing Australia’s disaster resilience
04/2012 Sharing responsibility with governments and their agenci...
2013 Report Sharing responsibility for implementing the National Str...
03/2017 Journal Article Shared responsibility: the who, what and how communities, governance, policy
Conference Paper Shared responsibility - shades of grey - peer viewed communities, planning PDF icon Shades of Grey
08/2018 Report Shaping future catastrophic disasters PDF icon 2018_rb21-shaping_future_catastrophic_disasters_final_1.pdf
Book Chapter Shaped by Fire: How Bushfires Forged Migrant Environment... communities, multi-hazard, vulnerability
Book Chapter Shallow Fire Literacy Hinders Robust Fire Policy: Black... fire, indigenous communities, prescribed burning
02/2021 Journal Article Sexual Orientation and Prevalence of Mental Health Diffi... diversity and inclusion, mental health, organisational
03/2017 Report Severe wind hazard preliminary assessment: Tropical Cycl... cyclone, mitigation, severe weather
04/2022 Journal Article Setting expectations during volunteer recruitment and th... communication, recruitment, volunteering
05/2013 Report Sensitivity Analysis of PHOENIX RapidFire
Book Chapter Sensing bushfire: Exploring shifting perspectives as haz... communication, fire, resilience
August 2005 Conference Proceedings Self-organization of Fire-prone Landscape Systems: Conce...
03/2019 Journal Article Self-evacuation archetypes in Australian bushfire emergency management, fire, fire impacts
11/2016 Journal Article Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Asymmetrical Reinfor... earthquake, emergency management, mitigation
07/2016 Journal Article Seismic site response analysis leading to revised design... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
04/2020 Thesis Seismic Retrofitting of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column... earthquake, engineering, resilience