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11/2013 Journal Article Environmental circumstances surrounding bushfire fatalit...
11/2006 Journal Article Perceptions of Prescribed Burning in a Local Forest Comm...
03/2006 Journal Article Decision Making Effectiveness in Wildfire Incident Manag...
11/2015 Journal Article Are two halves better than one whole? A comparison of th... capability, risk management, scenario analysis
05/2016 Journal Article Burning anticipation: Wildfire, risk mitigation and simu... governance, planning, policy
05/2014 Journal Article Exposing hidden value trade-offs: sharing wildfire manag... capability, governance, policy
10/2020 Journal Article Collapse probability of soft-storey building in Australi... earthquake, physics, resilience
11/2018 Journal Article Unified models for post-peak failure drifts of normal- a... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
01/2015 Journal Article Mapping spatial and temporal variation in tree water use... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning
04/2019 Journal Article Influence of road characteristics on flood fatalities in... emergency management, flood, preparedness PDF icon influence_of_road_characteristics_on_flood_fatalities_in_australia.pdf
Journal Article Helping hands, hurting hooves: towards a multidisciplina... animals, multi-hazard, risk management
04/2017 Journal Article Expanding protection motivation theory: investigating an... animals, emergency management
Journal Article Nonlocal flow effects in bushfirenext term spread rates
03/2015 Journal Article The role of social science in the governance and managem...
08/2018 Journal Article Motivations and experiences of sheltering in place durin... communication, flood, risk management
06/2018 Journal Article Children in the 2015 South Indian floods: community memb... child-centred, communities, flood
09/2020 Journal Article A Culture of Burning: Social-Ecological Memory, Social L... communities, prescribed burning, resilience
05/2010 Journal Article Classifying the fire-response traits of plants: How reli...
2007 Journal Article Media and bushfires: A community perspective of the medi...
06/2019 Journal Article Challenges, Opportunities, and Pitfalls for Global Coupl...
11/2015 Journal Article Drift capacity of lightly reinforced concrete columns earthquake, engineering, mitigation
09/2018 Journal Article Towards operational SAR-based flood mapping using neuro-... flood, forecasting, modelling
02/2017 Journal Article “Since I went to the conference… I have really thought j... child-centred, fire
02/2018 Journal Article Wind load fluctuations on roof batten to rafter/truss co... emergency management, engineering, multi-hazard
09/2016 Journal Article Examining bushfire policy in action: Preparedness and be... communities, fire, policy PDF icon handmer_oneill-accepted.pdf, PDF icon supp-mat-handmeroneill_accepted.pdf
07/2018 Journal Article Should we leave now? Behavioral factors in evacuation un... fire, modelling
10/2018 Journal Article Strategic adaptation pathway planning to manage sea-leve... coastal, risk analysis, risk management
09/2016 Journal Article Don't just do something, stand there! Mitigating go... capability, emergency management, volunteering
Journal Article No detectable impacts of fequent burning on foliar C and...
08/2018 Journal Article Navigating the fiery debate: the role of scientific evid... land management, policy, savanna grasslands
07/2017 Journal Article Estimating rainfall time series and model parameter dist... communities, emergency management, flood
06/2017 Journal Article Challenges for valuing ecosystem services from an Indige... environments, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
04/2019 Journal Article The Vegetation Structure Perpendicular Index (VSPI): A f... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
08/2019 Journal Article Reliability of Build Back Better at enhancing resilience... communities, engineering, resilience
10/2010 Journal Article The gendered dimensions of bushfire in changing rural la...
Journal Article Burning for biodiversity in the Top End
04/2020 Journal Article Numerical analysis and parametric study of unreinforced... earthquake, infrastructure, physics PDF icon Numerical analysis and
09/2018 Journal Article Incorporating convective feedback in wildfire simulation... fire, modelling, optimisation
01/2015 Journal Article Emissions from prescribed fires in temperate forest in s... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning PDF icon bg-12-257-2015.pdf
09/2008 Journal Article Health of remnant woodlands in fragments under distinct...
06/2019 Journal Article Climate change effects on the frequency, seasonality and... climate change, fire, prescribed burning
3/30/2007 Journal Article Objective identification of wind change timing from sing...
03/10/2015 Journal Article A critical review of the application of environmental sc... environments, multi-hazard, scenario analysis
08/2016 Journal Article The changing landscape of disaster volunteering: opportu... non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering
09/2018 Journal Article Fragility and climate impact assessment of contemporary... cyclone, economics, modelling
01/2016 Journal Article Calibration and validation of FLFArs – a new flood loss... flood PDF icon jourmal_paper_-_nartural_hazards_and_earth_system_sciences_-nhess-16-15-2016.pdf
08/2017 Journal Article A review of methodologies applied in Australian practice... coastal, decision making, resilience PDF icon A review of methodologies applied in Australian practice to evaluate long-term coastal adaptation options
Journal Article Spiders, spinifex, rainfall, and fire: long-term changes...
06/2018 Journal Article Emerging opportunities for developing a diversified land... land management, Northern Australia, savanna grasslands
07/2017 Journal Article A new model for effective post-disaster housing reconstr... communities, recovery, resilience