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12/2020 Journal Article Unrealised economic opportunities in remote Indigenous c... indigenous communities, land management, resilience PDF icon Unrealized economic opportunities
9/2012 Journal Article Predicting fire behaviour in dry eucalypt forest in sout...
06/2022 Journal Article Empowering Indigenous natural hazards management in nort... indigenous communities, Northern Australia, planning
10/2020 Journal Article Variation in Eucalyptus delegatensis post-fire recovery... fire, fire impacts, land management
11/2018 Journal Article Floods, bushfires and sectoral economic output in Austra... economics, flood, modelling
10/08/2008 Journal Article Efficient simulation of wildfire spread on an irregular...
08/2016 Journal Article The changing landscape of disaster volunteering: opportu... non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering
4/2011 Journal Article Fire history and understorey vegetation: Water and nutri...
Journal Article Implementing Disaster Preparedness education in New Zeal... child-centred, communication, risk management
06/2020 Journal Article Axial Load Variation of Columns in Symmetrical RC Buildi... earthquake, engineering, physics
09/2017 Journal Article The smoke is rising but where is the fire? Exploring eff... communication, warnings
01/2019 Journal Article Walking together: a decolonising experiment in bushfire... fire, fire impacts, fire severity
03/2021 Journal Article Modulating influence of drought on the synergy between h... climate change, fire impacts, physics PDF icon Modulating influence of drought
6/2011 Journal Article Behind the flaming zone: Predicting woody fuel consumpti...
10/2018 Journal Article My grab bag is two suitcases: an autoethnographical view... diversity and inclusion, emergency management, vulnerability
08/2015 Journal Article Fire eases imbalances of nitrogen and phosphorus in wood... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning
12/2015 Journal Article Defining Sufficient Household Preparedness for Active Wi... communication, communities, preparedness
07/2016 Journal Article Owning the future: risk ownership and strategic decision... decision making, risk analysis, vulnerability PDF icon ajem-31-04-11.pdf
Journal Article The influence of prescribed burning on fruit production...
05/2018 Journal Article Wave ensemble forecasts for tropical cyclones in the Aus... coastal, cyclone, forecasting
Journal Article The use of the 1:100 year standard in the United States:... flood, planning, policy
12/2018 Journal Article Crowdsourcing Methods for Data Collection in Geophysics:... multi-hazard, optimisation, severe weather PDF icon crowdsourcing_methods_for_data_collection_in_geophysics.pdf
11/2020 Journal Article Civil society mobilisation after Cyclone Tracy, Darwin 1... capability, emergency management, organisational PDF icon civil_society_mobilisation_after_cyclone_tracy_darwin_1974.pdf
Journal Article The emerging legal issue of failure to warn
Journal Article An integrated optimization model for fuel management and...
02/2019 Journal Article Path dependency of the development contributions system governance, planning, policy
Journal Article Community safety programs for bushfire: What do they ach...
02/2011 Journal Article Ecosystem Respiration in a Seasonally Snow-Covered Subal...
11/2017 Journal Article Development of a predictive model for estimating forest... fire, modelling, remote sensing
12/2019 Journal Article Seismic fragility assessment of nonstructural components... earthquake, engineering, infrastructure
01/2018 Journal Article Efficiency of Individual Tree Detection Approaches Based... fire, Northern Australia, remote sensing
05/2015 Journal Article Trends in evapotranspiration and streamflow following wi... environments, fire impacts
Journal Article Bushfires in the media: A preliminary literature review
2007 Journal Article A physics-based approach to modelling grassland fires
02/2016 Journal Article We have not lived long enough: Sensemaking and learning... emergency management, governance, policy
07/2018 Journal Article Implementation of a new algorithm resulting in improveme... fire, modelling, remote sensing
2009 Journal Article Correlates of grass-species composition in a savanna woo...
10/2013 Journal Article Environmental assessment of erosion following prescribed...
03/2019 Journal Article Limitations of high resolution satellite stereo imagery... Northern Australia, remote sensing, savanna grasslands
07/2015 Journal Article A review of informal volunteerism in emergencies and dis... multi-hazard, volunteering PDF icon 1-s2.0-s2212420915300388-main.pdf
01/2006 Journal Article Comparison of the Sensitivity of Landscape-fire-successi...
Journal Article Assessment of Displacement Demand for Earth Retaining St... earthquake, infrastructure, mitigation
08/2021 Journal Article Disaster resilience in Australia: A geographic assessmen... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon Disaster resilience in Aust
Journal Article Recovery and Resettlement following the 2011 flash flood... flood, planning PDF icon okayda_haynes_et_al_2014_recovery_and_resettlement_following_2011_flash_flooding_in_lockyer_valley.pdf
10/2018 Journal Article Plastic hinge analysis for lightly reinforced and unconf... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
2009 Journal Article Relative importance of fuel management, ignition managem...
05/2018 Journal Article A lightning-caused wildfire ignition forecasting model f... fire, fire weather
Journal Article The role of stomatal acclimation in modelling tree adapt...
04/2020 Journal Article A global canopy water content product from AVHRR/Metop fuel reduction, land management, remote sensing
05/2017 Journal Article Soil amplification in low-to-moderate seismic regions earthquake, engineering