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04/2020 Journal Article Vehicle‐related flood fatalities in Australia, 2001–2017 emergency management, flood, warnings PDF icon Vehicle‐related flood fatalities
07/2017 Journal Article Verification of a Lagrangian particle model for short-ra... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon verification_of_a_lagrangian_particle_model_for_short-range_firebrand.pdf
Conference Paper Verification of soil moisture from land surface models a... environments, fuel reduction PDF icon Verification of Soil Moisture
Conference Paper Victoria fire weather climatology dataset - peer viewed fire weather PDF icon Victoria Fire Weather Climatology Dataset
March 2012 Report Visions of Sharing Responsibility for Disaster Resilienc...
10/2020 Journal Article Visual Mis/disinformation in Journalism and Public Commu... communication, resilience, warnings
10/2015 Magazine Article Volcanic eruptions and disruptions risk analysis, risk management
Report Volunteer Data Base Collection and Management for Strate...
12/15/2008 Journal Article Volunteer firefighting and family life: An organisationa...
Conference Proceedings Volunteer firefighting: A job for a woman?
Report Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Issues: A Review of...
09/2018 Conference Paper Volunteering into the future – disaster events, local go... emergency management, multi-hazard, volunteering PDF icon Volunteering into the future
06/2019 Journal Article Volunteering research in Australia: A narrative review diversity and inclusion, emergency management, volunteering
04/2020 Journal Article Vulnerability assessment of bridges subjected to extreme... cyclone, engineering, risk analysis
02/2019 Journal Article Vulnerability Functions for RC Shear Wall Buildings in A... earthquake, engineering, infrastructure PDF icon vulnerability_functions_for_rc_shear_wall_buildings_in_australia.pdf
02/2017 Report Vulnerability of buildings and civil infrastructure to t... emergency management, modelling, scenario analysis PDF icon vulnerability_of_buildings_and_civil_infrastructure_to_tropical_cyclones.pdf
13/07/2015 Journal Article Vulnerability of Floodways under Extreme Flood Events flood, framework
1/2012 Journal Article Vulnerability to bushfires in rural Australia: A case st...
09/2021 Journal Article Walking on two legs: a pathway of Indigenous restoration... communities, indigenous communities, resilience
01/2019 Journal Article Walking together: a decolonising experiment in bushfire... fire, fire impacts, fire severity
2011 Conference Proceedings Warning Fatigue what is it and why does it matter
Report Warning Systems: Issues and considerations for warning
Conference Proceedings Water Quality Risk Due to Fire Disturbance: Tools for Qu...
Report Water tank behavior in Bushfires
05/2018 Journal Article Wave ensemble forecasts for tropical cyclones in the Aus... coastal, cyclone, forecasting
02/2016 Journal Article We have not lived long enough: Sensemaking and learning... emergency management, governance, policy
04/2015 Journal Article We have not lived long enough: Sensemaking and learning... decision making, emergency management
06/2017 Thesis We have not lived long enough: sensemaking and learning... fire, fire impacts PDF icon graham_dwywer_thesis.pdf
Presentation Web 2.0 in disaster and emergency: a risk assessment of... communication, emergency management, resilience PDF icon Web 2.0 in disaster and emergency: a risk assessment of tortious liability
10/2019 Thesis Wellbeing of firefighters: the impact of individual fact... fire impacts, firefighter, mental health
08/2020 Journal Article Wellington’s Earthquake Resilience: Lessons from the 201... earthquake, emergency management, resilience
08/2011 Journal Article What Applied Social Psychology Theories Might Contribute...
03/2018 Journal Article What are the drivers of dangerous fires in Mediterranean... fire, fire impacts, fire weather
12/2017 Conference Paper What are the safety implications of dynamic fire behavio... emergency management, fire, fire impacts
05/2019 Magazine Article What do we really mean by ‘floodwater’ and is it ever ok... communication, decision making, flood
02/2017 Journal Article What's critical about critical infrastructure? framework, governance, policy
12/2019 Conference Paper What's wrong and what needs fixing? Stakeholder per... capability, emergency management, volunteering PDF icon What’s wrong and what needs fixing Stakeholder perspectives on making the future of emergency volunteering
01/2015 Journal Article What’s the Big Deal? Responder Experiences of Large Anim... animals, mitigation, response
10/2018 Journal Article When joining is not enough: emergency services volunteer... volunteering
09/2017 Conference Paper When policy, politics and emergency management collide:... emergency management, governance, policy PDF icon carayannopoulos_npr_final.pdf
Conference Proceedings When residents come under imminent wildfire threat, what...
09/2017 Conference Paper Where do we put our dollars? Economic analysis of differ... economics, emergency management, fire PDF icon florec_npr_final.pdf
06/2019 Journal Article Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of presc... economics, prescribed burning, risk management
5/16/2007 Journal Article Who's interested? The NSW Grain Belt community surv...
11/2016 Journal Article Whole of Government: the Solution to Managing Crises? emergency management, governance, policy
06/2015 Report Whose risk is it anyway? risk analysis, risk management PDF icon whose_risk_is_it_anyway_final.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper WHS 2.0 World Health and Safety: integrating disaster ri... framework, organisational, risk management PDF icon WHS 2.0 World Health and Safety
Journal Article Why don't bushfire warnings work as intended? Respo... communities, fire, warnings
07/2022 Journal Article Why take the risk? Exploring the psychosocial determinan... communication, decision making PDF icon benjamin_why_take_the_risk_2022.pdf
08/2008 Journal Article Why Would You Do It? Age and Motivation to Become a Fire...