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11/2018 Journal Article The Good, the bad, and the uncertain: contributions of v... resilience PDF icon the_good_the_bad_and_the_uncertain_contributions_of_volunteered_geographi.pdf
09/2018 Conference Paper The Hawaii nuclear alert: how did people respond? emergency management, response, warnings PDF icon Hawaii nuclear alert- how did people respond?
Conference Paper The Heatwaves of the 2013/14 Australian Summer Conferenc... fire, forecasting PDF icon The Heatwaves of the 2013/14 Australian Summer Conference Paper 2014
01/2018 Thesis The impact of bushfires on water quality environments, exposure, fire impacts PDF icon gabriela_raducan_thesis.pdf
Journal Article The influence of prescribed burning on fruit production...
02/2021 Journal Article The influence of satellite imagery on landscape percepti... decision making, land management, remote sensing
03/2021 Journal Article The influence of soil moisture on surface and sub-surfac... fuel reduction, remote sensing, soil moisture
Conference Paper The integration of informal volunteers into animal emerg... animals, volunteering PDF icon The Integration of Informal Volunteers into Animal Emergency Management
09/2017 Conference Paper The interaction between firefighting boot design and low... emergency management, optimisation, volunteering PDF icon walker_npr_final.pdf
Book Chapter The International Law of Wildfires framework, governance, policy
03/2015 Journal Article The likelihood of ignition of dry-eucalypt forest litter...
01/2021 Journal Article The lived experience of disadvantaged communities affect... communities, emergency management, vulnerability
07/2018 Report The long road: building effective diversity and inclusio... diversity and inclusion, organisational, resilience PDF icon The long road: building effective diversity and inclusion in emergency management
Book Chapter The Media, Bushfires and Community Resilience
01/2020 Journal Article The missing link in emergency management: evaluating com... communities, preparedness, resilience PDF icon The missing link
12/2019 Conference Paper The mitigation exercise: a long term mitigation planning... coastal, flood, mitigation PDF icon edward_pikusa.pdf
11/2018 Journal Article The natural hazard sector's engagement with Indigen... indigenous communities
11/2017 Journal Article The oak or the reed: how resilience theories are transla... policy, resilience, risk management PDF icon es-2017-9491.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper The physical impact of strong winds and heavy rain on re... exposure, forecasting, modelling PDF icon The physical impact of strong winds and heavy rain on residential housing: a pilot study
08/2017 Thesis The post disaster city: crisis politics and social chang... capability, communities, emergency management PDF icon raven_cretney_thesis.pdf
03/2016 Report The potential for coastal dune de-stabilisation followin... coastal, fire, fire impacts PDF icon bnhcrc_quick_response_report_hesseshumack.pdf
05/2019 Report The potential role of the commonwealth in responding to... emergency management, risk analysis PDF icon the_potential_role_of_the_commonwealth_in_responding_to_catastrophic_disasters.pdf
Journal Article The preparedness and evacuation behaviour of pet owners... animals, multi-hazard, planning
01/2015 Report The Problem Solution Framework PDF icon The Problem Solution Framework
Conference Proceedings The Problems of Maintaining Effective Teamwork During Ou...
03/2020 Report The real-time trial of the Pyrocumulonimbus Firepower Th... fire weather, severe weather PDF icon the_real-time_trial_of_the_pyrocumulonimbus_firepower_threshold.pdf
06/2021 Journal Article The recalibration of our relationships with science (and... emergency management, risk management
Journal Article The relationship between fire behaviour measures and com...
2008 Journal Article The relative importance of fine-scale fuel mosaics on re...
03/2018 Journal Article The response of the southwest Western Australian wave cl... coastal, environments, severe weather
08/2015 Conference Paper The role of extreme value analysis to enhance defendable... fire, infrastructure, planning PDF icon The role of Extreme Value Analysis to Enhance Defendable Space
07/2017 Journal Article The role of prior experience in informing and motivating... earthquake, preparedness, resilience
03/2015 Journal Article The role of social science in the governance and managem...
Journal Article The role of stomatal acclimation in modelling tree adapt...
09/2016 Journal Article The role of weather, past fire and topography in crown f... fire impacts, fire weather, prescribed burning
06/2019 Thesis The roles of pharmacists in disaster health management i... communication, emergency management PDF icon kaitlyn_watson_thesis.pdf
04/2021 Journal Article The Selection and Scaling of Ground Motion Accelerograms... earthquake, engineering, modelling
08/2019 Thesis The sensitivity of the empirical mode decomposition and... decision making, emergency management PDF icon mona_bahri_thesis.pdf
11/2015 Journal Article The sleep architecture of Australian volunteer firefight... risk analysis, scenario analysis, volunteering
09/2017 Journal Article The smoke is rising but where is the fire? Exploring eff... communication, warnings
08/2016 Conference Paper The social life of science in bushfire policy and planni... mitigation, planning, policy PDF icon The social life of science in bushfire policy and planning
Conference Paper The South Australian CFS survey of women volunteers
07/2021 Report The southwest Tasmania fires of summer 2018-2019 - a pos... capability, economics, emergency management PDF icon the-southwest-tasmania-fires-of-summer-2018-2019-a-post-event-review-capability-study.pdf
Presentation The spread of fires in landscapes fire, modelling, physics PDF icon The spread of fires in landscapes
Journal Article The stomatal response to evaporative demand persists at...
06/2007 Journal Article The stomatal response to evaporative demand persists at...
08/2012 Report The Stress of Firefighting Report fire, response PDF icon The Stress of Firefighting Report
12/2018 Thesis The structural response and progressive failure of batte... engineering, severe weather PDF icon korah_parackal_thesis_final.pdf
4/28/2006 Report The Sudanese Refugees and Fire Hazard Study
Conference Paper The Sydney 2014 forecast demonstration project - a step... fire weather, forecasting PDF icon The Sydney 2014 Forecast Demonstration Project