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01/2018 Journal Article Analysis of the physical processes associated with junct... emergency management, fire, planning
04/2020 Journal Article Analysis of Variation in Distance, Number, and Distribut... fire, fire weather, modelling PDF icon analysis_of_variation_in_distance_number.pdf
12/2016 Conference Paper Analytical development of seismic retrofit technique for... earthquake, engineering
01/09/2017 Conference Paper Analytical Model for Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Beam-C... earthquake, engineering, resilience
11/2017 Journal Article Analytical modelling of podium interference on tower wal... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
11/2016 Journal Article Analytical Simulation of Limited Ductile RC Beam-Columns earthquake, emergency management, mitigation
8/2012 Journal Article Anatomy of a catastrophic wildfire: The Black Saturday K...
09/2015 Report Animal Emergency Management in Australia animals, emergency management PDF icon Animal Emergency Management in Australia
04/2018 Journal Article Animal emergency management in South Australia: a case s... animals, communities, emergency management
02/2017 Journal Article Animal ownership among vulnerable populations in regiona... animals, communities, vulnerability
Book Chapter Animal Welfare and Disasters animals, emergency management, resilience
Report Annotated bibliography summarising material related to f...
Report Annual Report 2010-11: First year of the Urban and Regio...
11/2018 Report Answering the call national survey, National Mental Heal... mental health, resilience, risk management
Conference Proceedings Application of fire history records to contemporary mana...
01/2017 Journal Article Application of hybrid simulation for collapse assessment... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
05/2016 Journal Article Application of Remote Sensing Data to Constrain Operatio... flood, forecasting, remote sensing PDF icon remotesensing-08-00456-v2.pdf
09/2016 Report Application of statistical techniques to pyrolysis-GC-MS... fire impacts, fire severity, soil moisture PDF icon Application of statistical techniques to pyrolysis-GC-MS data from soil to identify the impact of fire
Conference Proceedings Applications of Very High Resolution Atmospheric Modelli...
Report Applying Fire Spread Simulators in New Zealand and Austr...
09/2019 Journal Article Applying the principles of adaptive governance to bushfi... governance, land management, policy
09/2018 Conference Paper Applying unharmed for risk reduction planning – comparin... emergency management, mitigation, response PDF icon Applying unharmed for risk reduction planning
10/2018 Thesis Approaches for investigating wildfire impacts on catchme... environments, fire, fire impacts PDF icon mengran_yu_thesis.pdf
05/2016 Journal Article Approaches to the assessment of children in the context... child-centred, communication, risk management
02/2015 Journal Article Are fire brigades liable for poor decisions? emergency management, governance, response
10/2015 Journal Article Are meteotsunamis an underrated hazard? flood, surface wave, tsunami PDF icon 20140377.full_.pdf
11/2015 Journal Article Are two halves better than one whole? A comparison of th... capability, risk management, scenario analysis
12/2019 Conference Paper Are we future ready? It depends on who you ask emergency management, vulnerability, warnings PDF icon stephen_sutton.pdf
Conference Proceedings Are you ready? Ready for what? – Examining intended fire...
10/2021 Report Assessing community resilience for emergencies in local... communication, emergency management, resilience PDF icon assessing_community_resilience_for_emergencies_in_local_government_policy.pdf
10/2021 Report Assessing community resilience for emergencies in local... communication, emergency management, resilience PDF icon assessing_community_resilience_for_emergencies_in_local_government_policy_-_summary.pdf
2010 Journal Article Assessing crown fire potential in coniferous forests of...
07/2017 Journal Article Assessing ecological performance thresholds in fire‐pron... environments, land management, Northern Australia
06/2015 Journal Article Assessing Metrics for Estimating Fire Induced Change in... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing PDF icon remotesensing-07-08180.pdf
2011 Conference Proceedings Assessing Potential House Losses Using PHOENIX RapidFire
04/2019 Journal Article Assessing the ability of image based point clouds captur... environments PDF icon assessing_the_ability_of_image_based_point_clouds_captured_from_a_uav_to_me.pdf
11/2016 Journal Article Assessing the application and value of participatory map... communities, emergency management, local knowledge
9/01/2009 Journal Article Assessing the impact of climate change on extreme fire w...
5/14/2009 Report Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Extreme Fire W...
04/2017 Thesis Assessing the potential, application, and implications o... communities, local knowledge, volunteering PDF icon billy_howorth_thesis.pdf
04/2021 Journal Article Assessing the real costs of natural hazard-induced disas... economics, Northern Australia, resilience
09/2016 Journal Article Assessing the utility of the TET-1 hotspot detection and... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
Conference Proceedings Assessing woody fuel consumption models for application...
Journal Article Assessment of Displacement Demand for Earth Retaining St... earthquake, infrastructure, mitigation
Journal Article Assessment of potentially toxic metal contamination in t... environments, fire, land management
6/30/2006 Report Assessment of the application of compressed air foam tec...
07/2019 Journal Article Assessment of the Dual Polarimetric Sentinel-1A Data for... modelling, remote sensing, soil moisture PDF icon assessment_of_the_dual_polarimetric_sentinel-1a_data_for_forest_fuel_moisture.pdf
19/02/2015 Journal Article At-risk householders' responses to potential and ac... communication, communities, warnings
06/2012 Journal Article Atmospheric and fuel moisture characteristics associated...
08/2018 Journal Article Attachment, bushfire preparedness, planning, and respons... animals, preparedness, response