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12/02/2008 Journal Article Germination responses of a dry sclerophyll forest soil s...
09/2018 Conference Paper Get ready NSW- fostering all hazards resilience in local... communities, emergency management, resilience PDF icon Fostering all hazards resilience in local communities
Conference Proceedings Getting the best bang for your buck: Ad hoc or pre-forme...
Feb-08 Journal Article Glimpses of ‘community’ through the lens of a small fire...
Book Chapter Global change and fire regimes in Australia
Book Chapter Global change and fire regimes in Australia
Journal Article Global climate change and litter decomposition: more fre...
06/2015 Journal Article Global vegetation gross primary production estimation us... environments, fire, remote sensing
08/2019 Journal Article Globe-LFMC, a global plant water status database for veg... emergency management, fire, fire impacts
11/2011 Governments and emergency response
Conference Paper Ground Motion Modelling and Response Spectra for Austral... earthquake, engineering PDF icon Ground Motion Modelling and Response Spectra for Australian Earthquakes
04/2021 Report Growing the seeds: recovery, strength and capability in... capability, communities, recovery PDF icon growing_the_seeds.pdf
12/2021 Report Guidance framework for the selection of different fuel m... framework, land management, planning PDF icon guidance_framework_for_the_selection_of_different_fuel_management_strategies.pdf
01/2021 Report Guidance note for replication of case studies - Black Sa... communities, economics, multi-hazard PDF icon guidance_note_for_replication_of_case_studies.pdf
Report Guidelines for enhancing Incident Management Team commun...
08/2020 Report Guidelines on the optimal use of remote sensing data to... flood, forecasting, remote sensing PDF icon guidelines.pdf
04/2007 Journal Article Habitat type influences fire resilience of ant assemblag...
11/2008 Journal Article Harnessing forest ecological sciences in the service of...
08/2016 Conference Paper Harnessing the capacities of spontaneous volunteers: app... communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering PDF icon Harnessing the capacities of spontaneous volunteers: application and adaptationg of the Queensland model
02/2019 Report Hazards, Culture and Indigenous Communities Annual Repor... indigenous communities, multi-hazard PDF icon hazards_culture_and_indigenous_communities_annueal_report_2017-2018_final_19.pdf
07/2020 Report Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities – annual rep... indigenous communities, resilience, risk management PDF icon pb06-weir-hcic_annualreport_2018-2019.pdf
03/2021 Report Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities – final proj... indigenous communities, resilience, risk management PDF icon hazards_culture_and_indigenous_communities_final_report_2021.pdf
08/2020 Report Hazards, culture and indigenous communities: socio-insti... fire, indigenous communities, modelling PDF icon weir-sim_modules_report_format_0_0.pdf
June 2012 Journal Article Health and safety law
2018 Journal Article Health Assessment of a Pedestrian Bridge Deck using Grou... engineering, infrastructure, resilience
09/2008 Journal Article Health of remnant woodlands in fragments under distinct...
05/2021 Report Heatwave and building codes in New South Wales: issues a... governance, guidelines, resilience PDF icon heatwave_and_building_codes_in_nsw_final_report_200521.pdf
09/2017 Conference Paper Heatwaves in New South Wales: how are residents and busi... communities, resilience, severe weather PDF icon tofa_npr_final.pdf
Journal Article Helping hands, hurting hooves: towards a multidisciplina... animals, multi-hazard, risk management
02/2018 Journal Article Hierarchical integration of individual tree and area-bas... Northern Australia, remote sensing, savanna grasslands
03/2021 Journal Article High-Resolution Estimates of Fire Severity - An Evaluati... fire, fuel reduction, remote sensing
June 2012 Conference Proceedings Hillslope erosion and post-fire sediment trapping at Mou...
05/2019 Journal Article Historical background and current developments for mappi... fire, fire impacts, fire weather PDF icon historical_background_and_current_developments_for_mapping_burned_area.pdf
Journal Article Holocene palaeofire records in a high-level, proximal va...
10/2016 Report Homelessness and severe storms: a case study of the June... communities, recovery, resilience PDF icon Homelessness and severe storms: a case study of the June 2016 East Coast Low
Report House Fire Spread, an investigation – Gulgong NSW
12/2017 Report Household preparedness for bushfires: the role of reside... communication, fire, preparedness PDF icon t3r11_m3.3.6_information_sources_and_household_preparedness_for_bushfires_technical_report.pdf
July 2012 Journal Article Householder decision-making under imminent wildfire thre...
10/2013 Journal Article Householders’ safety-related decisions, plans, actions a...
09/2018 Conference Paper How can business share responsibility for disaster resil... emergency management, resilience PDF icon Businesses sharing responsibility for disaster resilience
2014 Journal Article How chief officers view success in fire policy and manag... fire, governance, policy
08/2016 Conference Paper How do island communities balance disaster resilience an... communities, local knowledge, resilience PDF icon How do island communities balance disaster resilience and what can mainlanders learn from that?
04/2015 Report How do residents in bushfire prone areas view the risk o... communities, fire, risk analysis PDF icon How do residents view the risk of their local areas and homes?
Conference Paper How do we reduce vehicle related deaths: exploring Austr... flood PDF icon How do we Reduce Vehicle Related Deaths
02/2018 Journal Article How do weather and terrain contribute to firefighter ent... fire, firefighter, modelling
02/2020 Thesis How do wet forests burn? : Fuels and fire danger in the... fire, fire impacts, land management
09/2018 Thesis How does remotely sensed degree of curing and fuel load... fire, remote sensing PDF icon wasin_chaivaranont_thesis.pdf
01/2018 Journal Article How emergency services organisations can – and do – util... communication, decision making, emergency management
09/2017 Conference Paper How risk informs natural hazard management: a study of t... emergency management, modelling, policy PDF icon crawford_npr_final.pdf
12/2019 Conference Paper How Safe is Safe Enough? Melbourne Case Study earthquake, engineering, risk management PDF icon How Safe is Safe Enough Melbourne Case Study