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09/2014 Journal Article Evaluations of disaster education programs for children:... child-centred, communication, risk management
07/2018 Journal Article Evidence to support incident management team capability communication, emergency management, multi-hazard PDF icon ajem-33-3-16.pdf
08/2016 Conference Paper Evidence-based practice, practice-based evidence: moving... child-centred, multi-hazard, risk analysis PDF icon Evidence-based practice, practice-based evidence: moving towards scaled implementation in child-centred disaster risk reduction
09/2017 Conference Paper Evidence-based risk communication: an industry-academic... communication, communities, warnings PDF icon mehta_npr_final.pdf
12/2019 Journal Article Evolution of an extreme Pyrocumulonimbus-driven wildfire... fire, fire severity, fire weather PDF icon Evolution of an extreme Pyrocumulonimbus
09/2016 Journal Article Examining bushfire policy in action: Preparedness and be... communities, fire, policy PDF icon handmer_oneill-accepted.pdf, PDF icon supp-mat-handmeroneill_accepted.pdf
3/22/2008 Journal Article Existing fire behaviour models under-predict the rate of...
04/2017 Journal Article Expanding protection motivation theory: investigating an... animals, emergency management
09/2018 Conference Paper Experiences in the in-field utilisation of fuels3D emergency management, fire, fuel reduction PDF icon Utilisation OF Fuels3D
07/2020 Journal Article Experiences of Police and Emergency Services Employees w... emergency management, mental health, organisational
01/2015 Conference Paper Experiences of responders in supporting animals and thei... animals, communication, risk management PDF icon Experiences of responders in supporting animals and their owners in disasters - Research Forum paper 2014
07/2017 Journal Article Experiences of sheltering during the Black Saturday bush... fire, fire impacts, vulnerability
12/2019 Conference Paper Experiences with the global impacts of climate change climate change, fire, fire impacts PDF icon rick_mcrae.pdf
01/2021 Journal Article Experiments on the influence of spot fire and topography... fire, fire weather, modelling PDF icon Experiments on the influence
8/2012 Journal Article Exploiting three dimensional vegetation structure to map...
07/2019 Journal Article Exploratory scenario analysis for disaster risk reductio... risk management, scenario analysis, vulnerability
10/2014 Journal Article Exploring 167 years of vulnerability: An examination of... fire, vulnerability
04/2019 Journal Article Exploring ISO31000 Risk Management during Dynamic Fire a... fire, firefighter, risk management PDF icon Exploring ISO31000 Risk Management during Dynamic Fire and Emergency Operations in Western Australia
Conference Proceedings Exploring the capacity to adapt to climate change in the...
10/2017 Journal Article Exploring the circumstances surrounding flood fatalities... flood, policy, severe weather
12/2018 Report Exploring the experiences of those who shelter in place... communities, decision making, flood PDF icon Exploring the experiences of those who shelter in place during severe flooding
06/2020 Journal Article Exploring the key drivers of forest flammability in wet... fire, fire impacts, land management PDF icon Exploring the key drivers
09/2013 Journal Article Exploring the role of fire, succession, climate, and wea...
10/2020 Report Exploring the soil moisture-live fuel moisture relations... fuel reduction, remote sensing, soil moisture PDF icon nb09_fox-hughes_exploring_lfmc_smc_relationship_final_rt.pdf
03/2015 Journal Article Exponential random graph modelling of emergency collabor... fire, response
05/2014 Journal Article Exposing hidden value trade-offs: sharing wildfire manag... capability, governance, policy
02/2015 Journal Article Exposing hidden-value trade-offs: sharing wildfire manag... governance, policy
Oct-10 Journal Article Exposure to bushfire smoke during prescribed burns and w...
02/2016 Journal Article Extending into community-led preparedness and planning j... communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
09/2018 Conference Paper Extreme fire behaviours: Surveying fire management staff... emergency management, fire, fire severity PDF icon Extreme fire behaviours
08/2018 Journal Article Extreme floods and river values: A social–ecological per... flood, resilience, risk management
09/2017 Conference Paper Extreme weather: improved data products on bushfires, th... fire weather, multi-hazard, severe weather PDF icon dowdy_pr_final.pdf
Journal Article Factors impacting on recruiting and retaining Australia...
08/2017 Thesis Factors influencing householder self-evacuation in two A... communication, fire, warnings PDF icon ken_strahan_thesis.pdf
12/2018 Report Failure mechanisms of bridge structures under natural ha... engineering, multi-hazard, resilience PDF icon Failure mechanisms of bridge structures under natural hazards
2009 Journal Article Family functioning predicts outcomes for veterans in tre...
Journal Article Fault tree analysis method for deterioration of timber b... engineering, infrastructure, resilience
Book Feeling the heat: International perspectives on the prev... fire, planning, preparedness
1/2012 Journal Article Field evaluation of two image-based wildland fire detect...
11/01/2007 Report Field Guide- Fuel assessment and fire behaviour predicti...
2009 Conference Paper Field-based fire behaviour research: past and future rol...
4/19/2007 Journal Article Fighting fatigue whilst fighting bushfire
05/2015 Thesis Fighting fires and fatigue: sleep, physical activity, an... fire PDF icon grave_vincent_thesis.pdf
09/2018 Conference Paper Filling the gaps: how economics can help make important... communication, decision making, economics PDF icon Economics of natural hazards
12/2018 Report Final report on fragility curves for retrofitted URM bui... earthquake, engineering, mitigation PDF icon Final report on fragility curves for retrofitted URM buildings in Australia
12/2018 Report Final report on pushover analysis of classes of URM buil... earthquake, engineering, modelling PDF icon Final report on pushover analysis of classes of URM buildings to characterise drift ratios for different damage levels
03/2020 Report Final report on vulnerability of as-built and retrofitte... earthquake, engineering, vulnerability PDF icon 3.1.1_bnhcrc-report-_vulnerability_curves_as_built_retrofitted_ldrc_lumantarna_et_al.pdf
03/2019 Report Final report on vulnerability of as-built and retrofitte... earthquake, emergency management PDF icon 2.2.1_final_report_on_vulnerability_of_as-built_and_retrofitted_urm_buildings_1.pdf
07/2017 Report Final report: seismic retrofit tests of URM cavity walls earthquake, engineering, mitigation PDF icon t3r02_m4.2.2_final_report_on_nsm_frp_retrofit_cavity_wall_experiments_final.pdf