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April 2012 Journal Article Changing the rules of the game: mechanisms that shape...
Journal Article This special legal edition of the Australian Journal o...
10/08/2008 Journal Article Efficient simulation of wildfire spread on an irregular...
April 2012 Journal Article Flood risk, insurance and emergency management in Austr...
05/2019 Journal Article Innovative Upscaling of Architectural Elements for Stre... engineering, infrastructure, preparedness PDF icon innovative_upscaling_of_architectural_elements_for_strengthening_building.pdf
April 2012 Journal Article Mainstreaming fire and emergency management across lega...
11/2021 Thesis Precarious places, precarious knowledges: Interrogating... education, resilience, risk management PDF icon de_rivera_lp_thesis.pdf
11/2021 Report Studying leaf area density based wind adjustment factor... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon studying_leaf_area_density_based_wind_adjustment_factor_in_spark.pdf
02/2017 Journal Article "Don’t Just Do Something ... Stand There!" Eme... animals, communication, risk management PDF icon fvets-04-00034.pdf
08/2016 Conference Paper "I think I'm going to be frightened out of my... fire, resilience, vulnerability PDF icon "I think I'm going to be frightened out of my wits" psychological preparedness and vulnerability: insights from the Sampson Flat fire
Journal Article "The Human Factors Interview Protocol: A Tool for t...
Conference Paper "We've got trouble getting around but we'... communication, communities, planning PDF icon "We've got trouble getting around but we're still alright"
02/2017 Journal Article A Broad-Area Method for the Diurnal Characterisation of... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing PDF icon remotesensing-09-00167.pdf
Conference Paper A bushfire evacuation planning service utilising multipl... fire, planning PDF icon A Bushfire Evacuation Planning Service
Report A case study comparing aspects of state level incident m... PDF icon case_study_im_approaches_final_for_website.pdf
04/2020 Journal Article A case study of disaster decision‐making in the presence... decision making, organisational, response
12/2019 Conference Paper A case study of South Australia's severe thundersto... coastal, risk management, storm surge PDF icon dragana_zovko-rajak.pdf
07/2021 Report A characterisation of synoptic weather features often as... emergency management, fire weather, severe weather PDF icon a_characterisation_of_synoptic_weather_features_final_report.pdf
11/15/2004 Journal Article A classification of landscape fire succession models: sp...
Book Chapter A community engagement approach to natural hazard commun... communication, communities, resilience
09/2017 Conference Paper A community's experience of bushfire response and r... communities, fire impacts, recovery PDF icon jennings_npr_final.pdf
03/2018 Journal Article A comparison and validation of satellite-derived fire se... fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
11/2021 Journal Article A comparison between TLS and UAS LiDAR to represent euca... fire, modelling, remote sensing
11/2020 Journal Article A comparison of terrestrial and UAS sensors for measurin... fire, fuel reduction, remote sensing PDF icon A comparison of terrestrial
02/2017 Journal Article A comparison of the discrete cosine and wavelet transfor... emergency management, flood
12/2013 Journal Article A comparison of the fire weather characteristics of the...
11/2020 Journal Article A Computational Tool for Ground‐Motion Simulations Incor... earthquake, modelling, physics
03/10/2015 Journal Article A critical review of the application of environmental sc... environments, multi-hazard, scenario analysis
1/2013 Journal Article A critical review of the science underpinning fire manag...
09/2020 Journal Article A Culture of Burning: Social-Ecological Memory, Social L... communities, prescribed burning, resilience
5/2013 Journal Article A day in the life of a volunteer incident commander: Err...
Conference Paper A decision support framework for multi-hazard mitigation... decision making, multi-hazard, optimisation PDF icon A Decision Support Framework for Multi-hazard Mitigation Planning
2017 Journal Article A design spectrum model for flexible soil sites in regio... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
07/2018 Journal Article A formative evaluation of the Triple Zero Kids’ Challeng... child-centred, communication, emergency management
06/2018 Journal Article A fuel moisture content and flammability monitoring meth... emergency management, fire, savanna grasslands
04/2020 Journal Article A global canopy water content product from AVHRR/Metop fuel reduction, land management, remote sensing
Book A guide to non-technical skills in emergency management decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis PDF icon non-technical_skills_guide_final_march_2022.pdf
04/2022 Report A guide to reconstructing cropland wildfires – data coll... fire, modelling, scenario analysis PDF icon a_guide_to_reconstructing_cropland_fires.pdf
Book A handbook of wildfire engineering: guidance for wildfir... engineering, fire, resilience PDF icon the_handbook_of_wildfire_engineering_final.pdf
Conference Proceedings A High-Resolution Historical Fire Climate Data Set For V...
08/2016 Conference Paper A high-resolution land dryness analysis system for Austr... fire impacts, multi-hazard, soil moisture PDF icon A high-resolution land dryness analysis system for Australia
Report A laser point-quadrat sampling frame for vegetation surv...
09/2018 Conference Paper A lidar-derived fuel map for the ACT emergency management, fire weather, fuel reduction PDF icon Lidar-derived fuel map for the ACT
05/2018 Journal Article A lightning-caused wildfire ignition forecasting model f... fire, fire weather
08/2018 Journal Article A literature review of methods for providing enhanced op... capability, decision making, emergency management
05/2020 Journal Article A Live Fuel Moisture Content Product from Landsat TM Sat... fire, fuel reduction, remote sensing PDF icon remotesensing-12-01714.pdf
05/2021 Report A method for assessing building codes for natural hazard... governance, guidelines, resilience PDF icon a_method_for_assessing_building_codes_for_natural_hazards_resilience_final_200521.pdf
09/2019 Journal Article A Method for Validating the Structural Completeness of U... fire, modelling, remote sensing PDF icon A Method for Validating the Structural Completeness of Understory Vegetation Models Captured with 3D Remote Sensing
06/2015 Report A model-data fusion framework for estimating fuel proper... fire, modelling PDF icon A Model-data Fusion Framework
07/2017 Report A modified Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia (2015) scenari... emergency management, modelling, scenario analysis PDF icon tc_scenarios_yr_3_technical_note_final.pdf