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2017 Journal Article Tools for monitoring teams in emergency management: EMBA... decision making, emergency management PDF icon ajem-32-01-10.pdf
01/2017 Journal Article Collapse assessment of reinforced concrete building colu... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
03/2018 Journal Article Controlled burn and immediate mobilization of potentiall... fire, prescribed burning
Journal Article Fuel management- an integral part of fire management: Tr...
2010 Journal Article The effect of fire on birds of mulga woodlandin arid cen...
06/2021 Journal Article Continental-scale prediction of live fuel moisture conte... fire, fuel reduction, land management
03/2018 Journal Article What are the drivers of dangerous fires in Mediterranean... fire, fire impacts, fire weather
02/2020 Journal Article Plasticity of leaf respiratory and photosynthetic traits... environments, fuel reduction, land management
06/2019 Journal Article Physics-Based Simulation of Heat Load on Structures for... engineering, fire, physics PDF icon physics-based_simulation_of_heat_load_on_structures_for_improving.pdf
06/2009 Journal Article A simple index for assessing fire danger rating
2018 Journal Article Health Assessment of a Pedestrian Bridge Deck using Grou... engineering, infrastructure, resilience
1/2012 Journal Article Field evaluation of two image-based wildland fire detect...
12/2013 Journal Article A comparison of the fire weather characteristics of the...
08/2020 Journal Article Effect of weather forecast errors on fire growth model p... fire, fire severity, modelling
04/2014 Journal Article Timescales for detecting a significant acceleration in s... flood, surface wave, tsunami PDF icon ncomms4635.pdf
04/2005 Journal Article Constraint and Competition in Assemblages: A Cross‐Conti...
07/2017 Journal Article Assessing ecological performance thresholds in fire‐pron... environments, land management, Northern Australia
07/2016 Journal Article Child-centered disaster risk reduction: Can disaster res... child-centred, education, resilience
Journal Article Global climate change and litter decomposition: more fre...
09/2021 Journal Article Shear Wall and Frame Dual Systems Featuring Discontinuou... earthquake, modelling, physics
4/2012 Journal Article Understanding the regeneration niche: Microsite attribut...
05/2016 Journal Article Addressing challenges for future strategic-level emergen... decision making, emergency management
11/2017 Journal Article The effect of working on-call from home on salivary cort... capability, emergency management, optimisation
06/2022 Journal Article Representing vapour and capillary rise from the soil imp... fire, fire impacts, modelling
09/2019 Journal Article Behaviour around floodwater: challenges for floodwater s... communication, flood, risk management PDF icon ajem_102019-14.pdf
06/2007 Journal Article The stomatal response to evaporative demand persists at...
05/2019 Journal Article Effective diversity in emergency management organisation... diversity and inclusion, emergency management, mental health
Journal Article Fire frequency and biodiversity conservation in Australi...
05/2020 Journal Article Non-Additive Effects of Forest Litter on Flammability fire, land management, modelling PDF icon non-additive_effects_of_forest_litter_on_flammability.pdf
08/2019 Journal Article Design procedure for seismic retrofit of RC beam-column... engineering, risk management, vulnerability
12/2020 Journal Article Checks and balances: A business‐oriented lens on disaste... communication, communities, warnings
02/2016 Journal Article Predicting risk-mitigating behaviors from indecisiveness... communication, communities, preparedness
05/2017 Journal Article Improving forest sampling strategies for assessment of f... fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
08/2018 Journal Article Extreme floods and river values: A social–ecological per... flood, resilience, risk management
2013 Journal Article Muscle activation during the Pack Hike test and a critic...
10/2017 Journal Article Narrowing the awareness-action gap: cultivating fire-fit... PDF icon ajem-32-04-18.pdf
07/2007 Journal Article Contrasting fire-related resilience of ecologically domi...
07/2017 Journal Article Time and space scales in the tropical cyclone boundary l... cyclone, forecasting, severe weather
01/2018 Journal Article Coping with disasters while living in poverty: a systema... communities, recovery, resilience
6/2009 Journal Article Premature Decline of Eucalyptus and Altered Ecosystem Pr...
08/2016 Journal Article The changing landscape of disaster volunteering: opportu... non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering
04/2017 Journal Article Modelling the dynamic behaviour of junction fires with a... fire, fire weather, modelling
10/2014 Journal Article Exploring 167 years of vulnerability: An examination of... fire, vulnerability
09/2019 Journal Article Use of Macroseismic Intensity Data to Validate a Regiona... earthquake, engineering, modelling
05/2021 Journal Article Local Government Capacity and Land Use Planning for Natu... planning, resilience, risk management PDF icon local_government_capacity_and_land_use_planning_for_natural_hazards_a_comparative_evaluation_of_australian_local_government_areas.pdf
2014 Journal Article Solving wicked problems linked to disasters, risk and un... child-centred, communication, risk management PDF icon ajem-29-01-04.pdf
Journal Article Towards an Indigenous ecosystem services valuation frame... framework, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
Journal Article The preparedness and evacuation behaviour of pet owners... animals, multi-hazard, planning
01/2011 Journal Article Variation in fire interval sequences has minimal effects...
02/2017 Journal Article Monitoring the dynamic behaviour of the Merlynston Creek... engineering, infrastructure, mitigation