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12/2020 Thesis Implementing disaster resilience policy in the Australia... governance, policy PDF icon s_hunt_thesis_071220_clean_copy.pdf
08/2018 Thesis Seismic assessment of reinforced concrete buildings in A... earthquake, risk management PDF icon anita_amirsardari_thesis.pdf
07/2018 Thesis Community engagement in the post-disaster landscape communities, recovery, resilience PDF icon zdarcy_ipifinalreport_jun18.pdf
01/2018 Thesis Flood damage assessment in urban areas flood PDF icon final_thesisroozbeh.pdf
01/2017 Thesis Effects of prenatal bushfire stress on life history trai... fire, fire impacts, risk management PDF icon odonnell_thesis_2017.pdf
09/2017 Thesis Disaster in Relation to Attachment, Loss, Grief and Reco... communities, fire impacts, recovery PDF icon david_barton_thesis.pdf
03/2018 Thesis Navigating Uncertainty: a qualitative study of resident... fire, fire impacts, recovery PDF icon fiona_jennings_thesis.pdf
09/2017 Thesis Seismic assessment of reinforced concrete walls in Austr... earthquake, emergency management, resilience
Thesis Modelling the impact of lifeline infrastructure failure... emergency management, environments, risk management PDF icon emma_singh_phillips_thesis.pdf
01/2018 Thesis Developing a (semi) automatic calibration procedure for... decision making, land management, modelling PDF icon newland2018_phd.pdf
11/2021 Thesis Precarious places, precarious knowledges: Interrogating... education, resilience, risk management PDF icon de_rivera_lp_thesis.pdf
04/2017 Thesis Integrated response as a process for enhancing the incid... emergency management, response PDF icon oludolapo_fakuade_thesis.pdf
Thesis Carbon cycling in Sub-alpine Ecosystems.
01/2018 Thesis Parenting after Black Saturday: lived experiences since... child-centred, fire, recovery
03/2018 Thesis Advancing public health in the context of natural hazard... communities, preparedness, vulnerability PDF icon rachel_westcott_thesis.pdf
10/2018 Thesis Approaches for investigating wildfire impacts on catchme... environments, fire, fire impacts PDF icon mengran_yu_thesis.pdf
02/2021 Thesis Taking fire: the historical and contemporary politics of... fire impacts, indigenous communities, prescribed burning
Thesis Patterns in the probability of burning with time-since-f...
08/2016 Thesis Measuring fire-induced change in the understorey of an A... prescribed burning, remote sensing PDF icon gupta.pdf
10/2017 Thesis Synthetic damage curves for concrete girder bridge decks... flood, modelling PDF icon farook_kalendher_thesis.pdf
06/2019 Thesis Valuing volunteers: better understanding the primary mot... communities, emergency management, volunteering PDF icon valuing_volunteer-better_understanding_the_primary_motives_for_volunteering_in_australian_emergency_services-jun19.pdf
02/2020 Thesis How do wet forests burn? : Fuels and fire danger in the... fire, fire impacts, land management
10/2015 Thesis Simulated Self-Paced Wildfire Suppression Work in Differ... decision making, exposure, fire PDF icon brianna_larsen_thesis.pdf
11/2017 Thesis Statistical Characterisation Of Wind Fields Over Complex... fire, modelling, propagation PDF icon rachel_quill_thesis.pdf
01/2020 Thesis Physics-based simulation of short-range spotting in wild... fire, mitigation, modelling PDF icon wadhwani_rahul-thesis_nosignature.pdf
01/2017 Thesis LiDAR Application in Forest Fuel Measurements for Bushfi... fire, modelling, remote sensing PDF icon phd_thesis_-_yang_chen.pdf
08/2019 Thesis Reducing turnover in volunteer organisations: A leadersh... emergency management, recruitment, volunteering PDF icon vivien_forner_thesis.pdf
05/2019 Thesis Remote sensing of tree structure and biomass in north Au... fire, greenhouse gases, savanna grasslands PDF icon grigorijs_goldberg_thesis.pdf
05/2015 Thesis Fighting fires and fatigue: sleep, physical activity, an... fire PDF icon grave_vincent_thesis.pdf