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06/2018 Journal Article A fuel moisture content and flammability monitoring meth... emergency management, fire, savanna grasslands
29/11/2014 Journal Article Psychological differences between south-eastern Australi... communication, communities, warnings
06/2019 Journal Article Quantification of inter-regional differences in risk mit... emergency management, fire impacts, fire severity
07/2015 Journal Article Leadership in crisis: developing beyond command and cont... communication, decision making, emergency management PDF icon ajem-30-03-05.pdf
01/2020 Journal Article Modeling Vorticity-Driven Wildfire Behavior Using Near-F... fire, modelling, physics PDF icon Modeling Vorticity-Driven Wildfire Behavior Using Near-Field Techniques
08/2018 Journal Article Incentivising fire management in Pindan (Acacia shrublan... climate change, Northern Australia, savanna grasslands
Journal Article A new Entoloma (Basidiomycetes, Agaricales) from Tasmani...
03/2018 Journal Article Surviving bushfire: the role of shelters and sheltering... communities, decision making, fire
04/2018 Journal Article Estimating fire severity and carbon emissions over Austr... fire, modelling, remote sensing
07/2020 Journal Article Urban planning capabilities for bushfire: treatment cate... fire, planning, scenario analysis PDF icon ajem_12_2020-07.pdf
05/2016 Journal Article Emergency management perspectives on volunteered geograp... communication, local knowledge, volunteering
12/2019 Journal Article Defining pharmacists' roles in disasters: A Delphi... capability, recovery, response PDF icon Defining pharmacists roles in disasters
04/2020 Journal Article Vehicle‐related flood fatalities in Australia, 2001–2017 emergency management, flood, warnings PDF icon Vehicle‐related flood fatalities
01/2015 Journal Article Carbon loss from planned fires in southeastern Australia... fire, fuel reduction
2007 Journal Article Communicating uncertainty via probabilities: The case of...
03/2021 Journal Article Mental health and wellbeing of Australian police and eme... firefighter, mental health, organisational
Journal Article Does low-intensity surface fire increase water- and nutr...
03/2017 Journal Article Developing a scale to understand willingness to sacrific... animals, communication, risk management
02/2009 Journal Article Australian firefighters' exposure to air toxics dur...
09/2013 Journal Article Exploring the role of fire, succession, climate, and wea...
08/2018 Journal Article Attachment, bushfire preparedness, planning, and respons... animals, preparedness, response
8/2012 Journal Article Anatomy of a catastrophic wildfire: The Black Saturday K...
2005 Journal Article Bushfires—How can we avoid the unavoidable?
04/2021 Journal Article Generalized Loading Protocols for Experimentally Simulat... earthquake, engineering, physics
2005 Journal Article Australian rural fire services' recognition and ser...
01/2015 Journal Article Mapping spatial and temporal variation in tree water use... fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning
2008 Journal Article Big fires and their ecological impacts in Australian sav...
02/2015 Journal Article Are fire brigades liable for poor decisions? emergency management, governance, response
Journal Article Research priorities arising from the 2002/2003 bushfire...
09/2017 Journal Article Retrieval of forest fuel moisture content using a couple... environments, fire, modelling
Journal Article Helping hands, hurting hooves: towards a multidisciplina... animals, multi-hazard, risk management
Journal Article Australian wildfire litigation
11/2017 Journal Article Predicting the failure of timber bridges by using curren... engineering, mitigation, modelling
8/2010 Journal Article Using Fire History Data to Map Temporal Sequences of Fir...
03/2015 Journal Article The role of social science in the governance and managem...
Journal Article Risk of post-fire metal mobilization into surface water... fire impacts, land management
2008 Journal Article Large fires, fire effects and the fire-regime concept
08/2018 Journal Article Motivations and experiences of sheltering in place durin... communication, flood, risk management
10/2020 Journal Article Driving into floodwater: using data from emergency respo... communication, flood, warnings PDF icon ajem_13_2020-10.pdf
10/19/2006 Journal Article National gridded drought factors and comparison of two s...
2008 Journal Article Development of fuel models for fire behaviour prediction...
07/2019 Journal Article Assessment of the Dual Polarimetric Sentinel-1A Data for... modelling, remote sensing, soil moisture PDF icon assessment_of_the_dual_polarimetric_sentinel-1a_data_for_forest_fuel_moisture.pdf
03/2020 Journal Article Simplified calculation of roof accelerations in existing... earthquake, engineering, mitigation
04/2020 Journal Article Child-centred risk reduction and school safety: An evide... child-centred, communities, resilience
06/2018 Journal Article An ecosystem services framework to evaluate indigenous a... environments, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
09/2020 Journal Article Legal Complexities of Entry, Rescue, Seizure and Disposa... animals, communities, resilience PDF icon Legal Complexities
09/2016 Journal Article Examining bushfire policy in action: Preparedness and be... communities, fire, policy PDF icon handmer_oneill-accepted.pdf, PDF icon supp-mat-handmeroneill_accepted.pdf
11/2014 Journal Article Local intraplate earthquake considerations for Singapore earthquake, engineering, mitigation
02/2018 Journal Article Wind load fluctuations on roof batten to rafter/truss co... emergency management, engineering, multi-hazard
20/01/2015 Journal Article Learning Lessons from Disasters: Alternatives to Royal C... governance, risk management