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04/2012 Sharing responsibility with governments and their agenci...
11/2011 Governments and emergency response
Book Natural Hazards and Disaster Justice: Challenges for Aus... emergency management, framework, policy
Book Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and CartographyInnovatio...
Book Disaster Management in Australia: Government Coordinatio... decision making, emergency management, governance
Book Human Factors Challenges in Emergency Management decision making, emergency management, multi-hazard
Book Feeling the heat: International perspectives on the prev... fire, planning, preparedness
Book Burning Issues
11/01/2007 Book Fire Behaviour in Dry Eucalypt Forest Fuels
Book Disaster Education, Communication and Engagement communication, education, emergency management
Book Developments in Environmental SciencesWildland Fires and...
accepted April 2 Book Smoke from wildfires and prescribed burning in Australia...
Book Co-Building with Bamboo communities, infrastructure, resilience
Book Developments in Environmental SciencesWildland Fires and...
Book Developing community bushfire resilience: Integrating h...
Book Developments in Environmental SciencesWildland Fires and...
Book A handbook of wildfire engineering: guidance for wildfir... engineering, fire, resilience PDF icon the_handbook_of_wildfire_engineering_final.pdf
Book Chapter Legal and Ethical Aspects of Disaster Management emergency management, governance, policy
Book Chapter The Media, Bushfires and Community Resilience
Book Chapter Public Policy and Disaster Justice governance, policy, vulnerability
Book Chapter Living with bushfires: What do people expect?
Book Chapter Property Safety: judging structural safety
Book Chapter Bushfire Preparation, Response and Recovery in the Inter...
Book Chapter Preparing for Bushfires: The public education challenges...
Book Chapter Poleward Migration of Tropical Cyclone Activity in the S... cyclone, severe weather
Book Chapter Shallow Fire Literacy Hinders Robust Fire Policy: Black... fire, indigenous communities, prescribed burning
Book Chapter Regional Real-Time Smoke Prediction Systems
Book Chapter Australian cities and the governance of climate change governance, planning, resilience
Book Chapter Urban Water Management Issues and Challenges After the 2... infrastructure, recovery, risk management
Book Chapter Firefighter decision making at the local incident and re...
Book Chapter Economics of Bushfire Management
Book Chapter The International Law of Wildfires framework, governance, policy
Book Chapter Looking to Courts of Law for Disaster Justice governance, recovery, vulnerability
Book Chapter Developing guidelines for increasing the resilience of i... communities, fire, resilience
Book Chapter Sensing bushfire: Exploring shifting perspectives as haz... communication, fire, resilience
Book Chapter Understanding communities needs for information and educ...
Book Chapter Dimensions of Risk Justice and Resilience: Mapping Urban... communities, decision making, recovery
Book Chapter Children as change agents in reducing risks of disasters child-centred, communication, education
Book Chapter Fire risk in Aboriginal peri-urban landscapes in norther...
Book Chapter Sink or Swim: alternative approaches to flood disaster r... flood, planning, policy
Book Chapter Shaped by Fire: How Bushfires Forged Migrant Environment... communities, multi-hazard, vulnerability
Book Chapter Modelling Heating Effects
Book Chapter Participation for Disaster Resilience communities, recovery, resilience
Book Chapter Global change and fire regimes in Australia
Book Chapter Impacts of grazing and burning on terrestrial invertebra...
Book Chapter Global change and fire regimes in Australia
Book Chapter Managing Wildfire Hazards in Fire-prone Landscape: Austr...
Book Chapter The Theory/Practice of Disaster Justice: Learning from I... fire, indigenous communities, resilience
09/2018 Conference Paper A systematic approach to embedding safety, well-being an... emergency management, multi-hazard PDF icon A systematic approach to embedding safety, well-being and risk management when responding to interstate and international deployments
09/2017 Conference Paper Heatwaves in New South Wales: how are residents and busi... communities, resilience, severe weather PDF icon tofa_npr_final.pdf