Type Date Title Download Key Topics
Poster Aug 2020 Emergency volunteering 2030: a sector-wide snapshot PDF icon Download (383.55 KB) communities, emergency management
Poster Aug 2020 The Value of BNHCRC Research PDF icon Download (228.94 KB)
Poster Aug 2020 Fire Surveillance and hazard mapping PDF icon Download (634.69 KB) fire, multi-hazard
Poster Aug 2020 Effect of spot fires and topography on fire rate of spread: Combustion tunnel experiments PDF icon Download (872.89 KB) fire weather
Poster Aug 2020 Closing the research-practice gap PDF icon Download (318.27 KB)
Poster Aug 2020 Understanding the need for, availability of, and interpretation of information by the public during large scale hazard events. PDF icon Download (245.63 KB) multi-hazard
Poster Aug 2020 ACCESS-Fire: a case study PDF icon Download (1.81 MB) modelling
Poster Aug 2020 Improved predictions of severe weather: The meteorology of the Tathra bushfire PDF icon Download (1.44 MB) communities, severe weather
Poster Aug 2020 Women Caring for Country on the Frontier PDF icon Download (1.1 MB) indigenous communities, Northern Australia
Poster Aug 2020 Enabling sustainable emergency volunteering PDF icon Download (594.36 KB) volunteering
Poster Aug 2020 Adding Colour and Icons to Emergency Warning Messages PDF icon Download (445.46 KB) communication, multi-hazard, warnings
Poster Aug 2020 Real-time trial of the Pyrocumulonimbus Firepower Threshold: A prediction tool for deep moist pyroconvection PDF icon Download (637.7 KB) communities, severe weather
Poster Aug 2020 Predicting live fuel moisture content using soil moisture PDF icon Download (3.75 MB) forecasting
Poster Aug 2020 Mapping community engagement for preparedness in Australia PDF icon Download (394.33 KB) communities, preparedness
Poster Aug 2020 Advancing public health in the context of natural hazards: normalising preparedness within a framework of adapted Protection Motivation Theory PDF icon Download (536.64 KB) multi-hazard, preparedness
Poster Aug 2020 Improved decision support for natural hazard risk reduction PDF icon Download (2.18 MB) decision making, multi-hazard
Poster Aug 2020 Improving Flash Flood Response Outcomes Through Emergency Warnings and Improved Regional Forecasting Techniques PDF icon Download (357.11 KB) flood
Poster Aug 2020 Retrofitting Strategy for Limited Ductile Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Australia PDF icon Download (516.98 KB)
Poster Aug 2020 From hectares to tailor-made solutions for prescribed burning PDF icon Download (878.66 KB) mitigation, risk analysis, risk management
Poster Aug 2020 Benefit-Cost Analysis of Retrofitting Older Australian Houses for Windstorms PDF icon Download (446.03 KB) resilience, severe weather