Type Date Title Download Key Topics
Poster Aug 2020 An interdisciplinary approach to examine trade-offs between environmental objectives and prescribed burning PDF icon Download (1.06 MB) fuel reduction
Poster Aug 2020 Incorporating firebrands and spot fires into vorticity-driven wildfire behaviour models PDF icon Download (688.05 KB) fire weather, fuel reduction
Poster Aug 2020 Dynamic wind reduction factor in predicting fire rate of spread PDF icon Download (806.64 KB) fuel reduction
Poster Aug 2020 The Economics of Natural Hazards PDF icon Download (968.43 KB) multi-hazard
Poster Aug 2020 Urban Form and Disaster Risk Reduction PDF icon Download (803.59 KB) mitigation, planning
Poster Aug 2020 Fragility analysis of bridges subjected to extreme waves PDF icon Download (382.02 KB) infrastructure, resilience
Poster Aug 2020 Parametric study on the mass of a free-dropped-hammer on dynamic response of a reinforced concrete beam PDF icon Download (378.71 KB) infrastructure, resilience
Poster Aug 2020 Service use and help-seeking experiences of Australian first responders with mental health conditions PDF icon Download (322.78 KB) mental health
Poster Aug 2020 Flammability of live plants, do we need a new testing approach? PDF icon Download (394.59 KB) fire, fire weather
Poster Aug 2020 Fragility functions development frameworkis introduced for bridgessubjected to extreme wave-induced forces PDF icon Download (811.33 KB) fire impacts, multi-hazard
Poster Aug 2020 A participatory approach to school bushfire emergency management planning. PDF icon Download (478.91 KB) fire
Poster Aug 2020 Physics-based simulation of firebrand and heat flux on structures in the context of AS3959 PDF icon Download (1.19 MB) fire
Poster Aug 2020 Improved Predictions of Severe Weather: Ember Transport PDF icon Download (490.46 KB) communities, severe weather
Poster Aug 2020 Through Children’s Eyes: Disaster Risk Reduction Education for Children, with Children and by Children PDF icon Download (504.1 KB) education, resilience
Poster Aug 2020 Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data PDF icon Download (910.92 KB), PDF icon Download (910.92 KB) flood, forecasting, remote sensing
Poster Aug 2020 Scenario Planning for Remote Community Risk Management in northern Australia PDF icon Download (1.52 MB) fire, Northern Australia, resilience
Poster Aug 2020 Flood Risk Communication PDF icon Download (1.37 MB) animals
Poster Aug 2020 Divergent Thinking and Brain Plasticity PDF icon Download (708.27 KB) decision making
Poster Aug 2020 Hazards, Culture and Indigenous Communities PDF icon Download (1.36 MB) indigenous communities, multi-hazard
Poster Aug 2020 The Australian Disaster Resilience Index Dashboard PDF icon Download (1.2 MB) multi-hazard