Typesort descending Date Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Slideshow Oct 2016 Resilience to clustered disaster events on the coast: storm surge PDF icon Download (5.7 MB) coastal, resilience, storm surge
Presentation-Slideshow Apr 2018 Improving the role of hazard communications in increasing residents’ preparedness for bushfires and floods PDF icon Download (1.79 MB) communication, planning, preparedness
Poster Aug 2019 Community Disaster Recovery PDF icon Download (1.01 MB) communities, volunteering
Poster Aug 2020 Dynamic wind reduction factor in predicting fire rate of spread PDF icon Download (806.64 KB) fuel reduction
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2015 Framework to inspect floodways towards estimating damage PDF icon Download (902.46 KB) flood
Presentation-Slideshow Mar 2014 Natural hazard exposure information modelling framework PDF icon Download (696.97 KB) modelling, multi-hazard, vulnerability
Jul 2015 Veronique Florec PhD Progress Report 2015 PDF icon Download (68.31 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2016 A heatwave classification for heat related fatality risk - Thomas Loridan PDF icon Download (1.53 MB) forecasting, severe weather, warnings
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2017 Lightning presentation: improved predictions of severe weather PDF icon Download (2.59 MB) communication, fire weather, severe weather
Presentation-Slideshow Apr 2019 AFAC national activities overview PDF icon Download (5.85 MB) fire, fire impacts
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2020 France-Australia Workshop: Day 1/Panel 1 Stuart Matthews File Download (6.69 MB)
Jun 2016 Student Presentation at Australian Historical Association (AHA) 2016: From Boom to Bust, 4-8 July, Federation University Ballarat PDF icon Download (51.96 KB) communities, indigenous communities
Presentation-Slideshow Jun 2017 Emissions Reduction Fund: Presentation to state and territory agencies PDF icon Download (950.75 KB)
Poster Sep 2018 When joining is not enough: Profiles of emergency services volunteers and the intention to remain PDF icon Download (1.28 MB) emergency management, recruitment, volunteering
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2019 Are we future-ready? PDF icon Download (3.79 MB) Northern Australia
Presentation-Audio-Video Oct 2014 Fire and spice and all things not so nice: What does the largest ever international study really tell us about children who deliberately light fires? child-centred, risk analysis
Poster Aug 2015 Improving Flood Forecasting Skill Using Remote Sensing Data - Hydrological Component PDF icon Download (277.63 KB) flood, forecasting, remote sensing
Presentation-Slideshow Oct 2017 Prescribed burning and predictive services PDF icon Download (4.46 MB) fire, fire impacts, prescribed burning
Guide-Fact Sheet Jul 2019 Vehicle related flood deaths - practice brief two July 2019 PDF icon Download (1.11 MB) communication, flood, warnings
Presentation-Slideshow May 2015 The Exposure of Emergency Service Personnel to Asbestos Presentation PDF icon Download (2.2 MB) emergency management, exposure

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