Typesort descending Date Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Audio-Video Mar 2014 Launch of the CRC - Michael Keenan File Download (0 bytes) emergency management, multi-hazard
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2017 Cultural worldviews and natural hazard risk perception: a pilot study of Australian adults PDF icon Download (540.59 KB) communities, indigenous communities, vulnerability
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2019 Simulation Of Heat Fluxes On A Structure From A Fire In An Idealised Shrubland PDF icon Download (495.46 KB) decision making, fire
Poster Aug 2015 Child-Centred Disaster Risk Reduction: Achievements, Challenges, and Scope PDF icon Download (226.64 KB) child-centred, decision making, multi-hazard
Presentation-Slideshow Oct 2018 The seven sins of emergency management PDF icon Download (1.18 MB)
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2014 North Australia Fire Managers - Bushfires NT PDF icon Download (965.44 KB)
May 2015 Scholarship Application 2015 Microsoft Office document icon Download (187.5 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Dec 2014 Fire coalescence and mass spotfire dynamics PDF icon Download (704.99 KB) fire, fire severity, modelling
Presentation-Slideshow Jun 2019 Forecasting the Impacts of Severe Weather: How does our work reduce the impacts of natural disasters? PDF icon Download (648.54 KB) communities, severe weather
Case Study Nov 2020 Sharing the risk policy, risk management, vulnerability
Poster Sep 2018 Modelling the impact of lifeline infrastructure failure during natural hazard events PDF icon Download (2.08 MB) infrastructure
Presentation-Slideshow May 2020 Webinar 2 (13 May): Mike Clarke presentation File Download (12.62 MB) fire, fire impacts, prescribed burning
Presentation-Audio-Video Dec 2015 Scoping remote north Australian community resilience - project overview File Download (0 bytes) Northern Australia, planning, resilience
Poster Aug 2016 Out of uniform: building community resilience through non-traditional emergency volunteering PDF icon Download (192.04 KB) infrastructure, resilience
Poster Sep 2014 Estimating the Impacts of Natural Hazards on Property and Building Losses PDF icon Download (233.11 KB)
Workshop Material Jul 2017 Community resilience - a statement on research priorities for natural hazards emergency management in Australia PDF icon Download (850.55 KB) communities, mitigation, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2017 Water, water everywhere: living with flood and coastal threats PDF icon Download (3.98 MB) flood, severe weather, storm surge
Poster Aug 2019 Physics based simulations of grassfire propagation on up-sloped terrain – A parametric study PDF icon Download (831.32 KB) environments, fire, fire weather
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2018 How can business share responsibility for disaster resilience? PDF icon Download (295.14 KB) resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Mar 2014 Developing better predictions and forecasts for extreme water levels PDF icon Download (3.41 MB) coastal, storm surge, tsunami