Type Date Titlesort descending Download Key Topics
Presentation-Slideshow Apr 2017 The Out of Uniform Project: Building Community Resilience Through Non-Traditional Volunteering PDF icon Download (1.64 MB) non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering
Presentation-Slideshow May 2019 The Prescribed Fire Atlas PDF icon Download (360.35 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Nov 2018 The prescribed fire atlas PDF icon Download (960.9 KB) fire, prescribed burning
Poster Aug 2015 The Probability of Bushfire Ignition in Victoria PDF icon Download (2.02 MB) fire, modelling
Poster Sep 2018 The problem of context – understanding the estimation of fire background temperature in South-Eastern Australia PDF icon Download (1.6 MB) fire
Poster Sep 2019 The project will be assessing the relationship that people have with natural hazards in their region by conducting a range of risk perception surveys PDF icon Download (2.8 MB) decision making
Presentation-Audio-Video Jul 2020 The PyrcoCb Firepower Threshold (PFT): a tool for pyrocumulonimbus prediction by Kevin Tory File Download (0 bytes) fire weather, severe weather, storm surge
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2019 The PyroCb Firepower Threshold: A pyrocumulonimbus prediction tool PDF icon Download (9.16 MB) fire weather, severe weather
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2019 The Risk ownership Framework for Emergency Management Policy and Practice PDF icon Download (4.57 MB) communities, emergency management, risk management
Poster Aug 2014 The role of children in disasters: A program of research PDF icon Download (188.27 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2015 The Role of Extreme Value Analysis to Enhance Defendable Space for Construction Practice and Planning PDF icon Download (1.27 MB) engineering
Poster Aug 2019 The Roles of Pharmacists in Disaster Health Management PDF icon Download (603.58 KB) multi-hazard, warnings
Presentation-Slideshow Nov 2018 The savanna and rangelands monitoring and evaluation reporting framework PDF icon Download (1.67 MB) fire, fire weather, Northern Australia
Presentation-Slideshow Oct 2019 The Savanna and Rangelands Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting Framework (SMERF) PDF icon Download (8.51 MB) fire, Northern Australia
Presentation-Slideshow May 2019 The Savanna and Rangelands Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting Framework (SMERF) and other tools. PDF icon Download (1.56 MB)
Poster Aug 2016 The Savanna burning project PDF icon Download (481.02 KB) savanna grasslands
Poster Jun 2017 The Savanna Monitoring & Evaluation Reporting Framework (SMERF) PDF icon Download (743.58 KB) fuel reduction, planning, prescribed burning
Presentation-Audio-Video Nov 2020 The Savanna Monitoring and Evaluation Framework | Northern Australia Research Engagement Forum (2/9) File Download (0 bytes) indigenous communities, local knowledge, Northern Australia
Presentation-Audio-Video Dec 2015 The science and modelling of hazards #AFAC15 File Download (0 bytes) modelling, multi-hazard, risk analysis
Presentation-Slideshow Oct 2018 The seven sins of emergency management PDF icon Download (1.18 MB)

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