Typesort ascending Date Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Audio-Video Oct 2016 #AFAC16 integration,diversity and inclusions File Download (0 bytes) emergency management, policy, recruitment
Presentation-Audio-Video Dec 2015 The challenge of information management #AFAC15 File Download (0 bytes) communication, risk management, warnings
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2015 The Role of Extreme Value Analysis to Enhance Defendable Space for Construction Practice and Planning PDF icon Download (1.27 MB) engineering
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2018 Answering the call- Mental health and wellbeing in the police and emergency services sector. PDF icon Download (2.02 MB) emergency management, multi-hazard
Poster Aug 2019 The Roles of Pharmacists in Disaster Health Management PDF icon Download (603.58 KB) multi-hazard, warnings
Presentation-Slideshow Nov 2018 Mitigating the effects of severe fires floods and heatwaves PDF icon Download (2.29 MB) forecasting, severe weather
Presentation-Slideshow Dec 2014 Mitigating the effects of severe hazards PDF icon Download (1.62 MB) fire, flood, remote sensing
Case Study Nov 2020 Satellites to help show when the bush is ready to burn fire, remote sensing, vulnerability
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2017 Lightning presentation: integrated urban planning for natural hazard mitigation PDF icon Download (1.32 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2017 A new quantitative smoke forecasting system for Victoria PDF icon Download (1.36 MB) fire, fire weather, forecasting
Guide-Fact Sheet May 2020 Cognitive Bias Aide Memoire PDF icon Download (147.31 KB) communication, decision making, emergency management
Presentation-Audio-Video Mar 2020 How words matter in emergency alerts during natural hazard emergencies File Download (0 bytes) communication, communities, resilience
Presentation-Slideshow Apr 2017 The Out of Uniform Project: Building Community Resilience Through Non-Traditional Volunteering PDF icon Download (1.64 MB) non-traditional recruitment, resilience, volunteering
Presentation-Slideshow May 2019 Current and future challenges and opportunities for research PDF icon Download (1.88 MB)
Presentation-Slideshow Sep 2018 That psychological bulls**t PDF icon Download (3.04 MB)
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2016 The social life of science: tales from Victoria and the Northern Territory - Jessica Weir PDF icon Download (1.49 MB) decision making, fire, policy
Presentation-Audio-Video Nov 2015 Managing Animals in Disasters - project overview video File Download (0 bytes) animals, communication, risk management
Poster Aug 2015 Improving Flood Forecast Skill Using Remote Sensing Data - Hydraulic Component PDF icon Download (239.68 KB) flood, forecasting, remote sensing
Poster Aug 2015 Scoping Remote North Australian Community Resilience PDF icon Download (140.77 KB) indigenous communities, resilience
Presentation-Audio-Video Jan 2021 The Inquiries and Reviews database - what's in it and how can you use it? File Download (0 bytes) governance, planning, policy

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