Typesort ascending Date Title Download Key Topics
Presentation-Audio-Video Apr 2017 Builders - replacing roofing on houses File Download (0 bytes) cyclone, engineering, mitigation
Poster Aug 2014 Growing community disaster resilience: Are arrangements for implementing the national strategy for disaster resilience fit-for-purpose? PDF icon Download (228.92 KB)
Poster Aug 2020 The Value of BNHCRC Research PDF icon Download (228.94 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2019 Are we future-ready? PDF icon Download (3.79 MB) Northern Australia
Poster Sep 2018 Implementing disaster resilience policy: making it happen in a federal system PDF icon Download (839.11 KB) policy, resilience
Presentation-Audio-Video Aug 2020 Enabling sustainable volunteering - changing management practices - project update July 2020 File Download (0 bytes) non-traditional recruitment, recruitment, volunteering
Poster May 2015 The Effect of Heat on Firefighters' Work Behaviour and Physiology Poster PDF icon Download (9.71 MB) fire, response
External Resource Jan 2016 Project Information Sheet for Research Utilisation Survey - January 2016 PDF icon Download (44.12 KB)
Presentation-Slideshow Jul 2017 Three Minute Thesis: attribution of active fire using simulated fire landscapes PDF icon Download (132.79 KB) fire, modelling
Poster Jun 2017 Evaluating future risk & mitigation strategies: (semi) automatic calibration of dynamic exposure models PDF icon Download (1.25 MB) decision making, modelling, optimisation
Guide-Fact Sheet Jul 2019 Vehicle related flood deaths - practice brief two July 2019 PDF icon Download (1.11 MB) communication, flood, warnings
Poster Aug 2016 Computational investigation of bridge vulnerability under heavy flood PDF icon Download (167.55 KB) infrastructure, resilience
Presentation-Audio-Video Feb 2017 Black Tuesday - 1967 Tasmania bushfires File Download (0 bytes) communities, fire, fire impacts
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2014 Research Program Overview PDF icon Download (554.99 KB) education
Presentation-Slideshow Mar 2014 Sustainable volunteering PDF icon Download (386.63 KB) capability, recruitment
Poster Apr 2015 How do residents in bushfire prone areas view the risk of their homes? PDF icon Download (413.6 KB) communities, fire, risk analysis
Poster Sep 2018 Investigating the effect of soil moisture, temperature and precipitation extremes on fires risk and intensity in Australia PDF icon Download (1.16 MB) fire
Presentation-Slideshow Aug 2019 Simulation Of Heat Fluxes On A Structure From A Fire In An Idealised Shrubland PDF icon Download (495.46 KB) decision making, fire
Presentation-Audio-Video Dec 2020 Q&A with the panellists | Diversity and inclusion in emergency management: from policy to practice File Download (0 bytes) communities, diversity and inclusion, vulnerability
Presentation-Audio-Video Sep 2017 AFAC17 - Continuing the conversation: Collaboration File Download (0 bytes) communication, emergency management, multi-hazard

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