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Building engagement with and participation of indigenous land management groups in natural hazard management recognises the need for growing Indigenous community resilience, well-being and capability in this vision. South eastern Australia and the north of Australia are geographic areas of particular interest with extensive, though differing experience with contemporary fire and land management. The disastrous conflagrations in the south east and indeed nationwide, combined with a highly significant resurgence of Indigenous knowledge and practice in managing fire, have fuelled this interest in exploring ways in which indigenous land and fire managers and EM agencies might collaboratively raise the capability and reduce the risk and impact of bushfires. There are many questions about how and on what basis collaborations might be built. This project will scope and recommend key areas of research to inform and drive better models for collaboration in emergency management in the future.

Through this project, NAILSMA will hold a series of discussions and workshops with Indigenous communities in northern Australia, engaging emergency management agencies in this work and exploring key themes in existing and better land and fire management scenarios.

The value and efficacy of this work will be greatly enhanced with the involvement of senior agency figures. The intention is to invite senior State emergency management officers from Queensland and the Northern Territory to form a reference group and provide a high level response to the outcomes of regional workshop briefings, and for those responses to be fed into a final (inter-regional) collaborative workshop for deliberation.