Student researcher

This project will study the bushfire events in Tasmania in 2016 at three spatial scales. At the largest scale, it will untangle the climate and hydrological conditions pre-fire for the whole State. This will be followed by a more in-depth study of the landscape ecology in the Central Plateau, where multiple ignitions converged. Finally, it will investigate the biological impacts of the fire on two species that have opposite fire responses: the endemic pencil pine that regenerates through seeds, and the alpine ash, a resprouter but whose response to high-severity fires in unknown in Central Tasmania.

AFAC19 poster
25 Aug 2019
Something like 8,000 years ago, Tasmania separated from mainland Australia. Species that occupied the same...
16 Dec 2020
Key findings: Forests of the Tasmanian E. delegatensissubspecies are more resilientto a single high-severity...