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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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04 Mar 2016 Knowledge for life News indigenous communities, local knowledge, risk management
20 Oct 2017 Briefing to enhance policy News emergency management, policy, risk management
18 Dec 2017 Sharing the risk News policy, risk management, vulnerability
31 Aug 2018 CRC modelling highlighted as key to managing risk News planning, risk analysis, risk management
04 Dec 2020 An upcoming Prescribed Burning Atlas webinar News fire, prescribed burning, risk management
29 Mar 2018 Research strengthens incident management team development News decision making, emergency management, risk management
09 Nov 2018 Risk and reward News risk analysis, risk management, vulnerability
05 Nov 2015 Insights on fire prediction News fire severity, fuel reduction, risk management
11 Apr 2019 CRC supports Queensland's future News emergency management, planning, risk management
15 Dec 2017 Priorities to guide hazards research News emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
24 Jul 2018 Study will reduce mental health risks, says former PM News mental health, resilience, risk management
14 May 2015 Science in Wildfire News communities, exposure, risk management
19 Mar 2020 Bushfire risk management scholarship News fire impacts, preparedness, risk management
03 Apr 2019 Conference to explore how prepared we really are News emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
12 Aug 2020 Newest AJEM issue features the latest on disaster risk reduction News multi-hazard, planning, risk management
14 Dec 2017 Partnering with QFES to learn lessons from Cyclone Debbie News cyclone, decision making, risk management
26 Nov 2019 Answering burning questions News fire, prescribed burning, risk management
19 Aug 2021 Award for child-centred disaster risk reduction PhD News child-centred, mitigation, risk management
24 Apr 2018 Helping coastal managers plan better for future storms News coastal, risk management, storm surge
16 Jun 2017 Disasters loom but calm collaborations can bolster global agencies News child-centred, education, risk management
07 Dec 2015 Science in motion using research for impact News forecasting, risk management, scenario analysis
29 Oct 2020 Animal preparedness research shines again News animals, communication, risk management
01 Feb 2018 Journal focus on recovery and resilience News recovery, resilience, risk management
11 Mar 2020 Showcasing PhD success News multi-hazard, risk management
19 Mar 2019 Sharing CRC research with the Australian critical infrastructure sector News decision making, emergency management, risk management
31 Aug 2017 New natural hazards science for Australia News mental health, resilience, risk management
04 Nov 2019 Student research boosts sector News emergency management, risk management
20 Mar 2015 Kirrilly Thompson awarded by ABC, UNSW News animals, communication, risk management
24 Jul 2015 Risk Reduction Gulf: The two sides of earthquake disasters News child-centred, earthquake, risk management
16 May 2019 A powerful case for future research News electricity, infrastructure, risk management
18 Mar 2021 Creating a community that is animal-ready during emergencies News animals, communication, risk management
13 Jun 2014 Newsletter 1 - fatalities and building losses News fire impacts, infrastructure, risk management
22 Aug 2014 Our preparation for a world conference Blog risk analysis, risk management
18 Dec 2018 Inspiring research in another continent Blog flood, modelling, risk management
15 Jan 2015 Natural hazards—a wicked problem Blog emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
12 Apr 2016 Mitigating future risk with science Blog decision making, policy, risk management
01 Apr 2020 If you’re worried about bushfires but want to keep your leafy garden, follow these tips Blog environments, fuel reduction, risk management
18 Sep 2017 Urban design for future fire risk in Chile Blog mitigation, planning, risk management
17 Dec 2018 Building momentum for what comes next  Blog emergency management, resilience, risk management
13 Feb 2015 It may feel like a quiet season, but don't get complacent Blog communities, policy, risk management

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