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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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Effective Representation of River Geometry in Hydraulic Flood Forecast Models Biblio PDF icon save (1.75 MB) emergency management, flood, risk management
A new decision support tool for prescribed burning risk assessment Biblio PDF icon save (748.61 KB) decision making, prescribed burning, risk management
Future risk framework: understanding tomorrow’s risk and what we can do to reduce it Biblio PDF icon save (2.31 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
Reimagining program monitoring and evaluation for disaster resilience outcomes Biblio PDF icon save (981.44 KB) communities, resilience, risk management
Children's understanding of natural hazards in Christchurch: reflecting on a 2003 study Biblio PDF icon save (84.58 KB) child-centred, communication, risk management
Social media in emergencies: An examination of government accountability for risk communication and warning Biblio PDF icon save (2.73 MB) emergency management, policy, risk management
The effect of split sleep schedules (6h-on/6h-off) on neurobehavioural performance, sleep and sleepiness Biblio capability, risk management, scenario analysis
Building an ARC in the mountains: a community-led initiative to build an animal-ready community (ARC) in the NSW Blue Mountains to provide a template for similar activities Biblio PDF icon save (605.75 KB) animals, resilience, risk management
Behaviour around floodwater: challenges for floodwater safety and risk communication Biblio PDF icon save (426.96 KB) communication, flood, risk management
Using participatory mapping to harness local knowledge and increase community connectedness in bushfire preparation Biblio PDF icon save (220.02 KB) communication, communities, risk management
Domestic architecture and the perception of risk in bushfire-prone areas Biblio fire, land management, risk management
Scientific Diversity, Scientific Uncertainty and Risk Mitigation Policy and Planning Scenario Exercise Lit Review Biblio PDF icon save (4.21 MB) decision making, mitigation, risk management
Improving the Impact and Implementation of Disaster Education: Programs for Children Through Theory-Based Evaluation Biblio child-centred, communication, risk management
Australian inquiries into natural hazard events: Recommendations relating to urban planning for natural hazard mitigation (2009-2017) Biblio PDF icon save (1.94 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
Validation of a novel attentional bias modification task: The future may be in the cards Biblio fire, response, risk management
Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning close to houses Biblio economics, prescribed burning, risk management
Progress made with school curricula, education material and relevant training in disaster risk reduction and recovery concepts and practices Biblio PDF icon save (90.98 KB) child-centred, risk management, vulnerability
Valuing recovery through risk ownership Biblio PDF icon save (893.83 KB) fire, recovery, risk management
Increasing emergency management capacity through business sector involvement Biblio PDF icon save (503.1 KB) emergency management, land management, risk management
17 Dec 2018 Building momentum for what comes next  Blog emergency management, resilience, risk management
03 Mar 2016 The social life of science in policy and planning Blog decision making, policy, risk management
13 Feb 2015 It may feel like a quiet season, but don't get complacent Blog communities, policy, risk management
01 Apr 2020 If you’re worried about bushfires but want to keep your leafy garden, follow these tips Blog environments, fuel reduction, risk management
18 Sep 2017 Urban design for future fire risk in Chile Blog mitigation, planning, risk management
22 Aug 2014 Our preparation for a world conference Blog risk analysis, risk management
18 Dec 2018 Inspiring research in another continent Blog flood, modelling, risk management
15 Jan 2015 Natural hazards—a wicked problem Blog emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
12 Apr 2016 Mitigating future risk with science Blog decision making, policy, risk management
12 Mar 2020 Research briefing for European Union News climate change, communication, risk management
09 Sep 2019 Building research capacity News emergency management, risk management
24 Sep 2020 Animal guides informed by research News animals, communication, risk management
28 Jan 2021 Australia Day Honours for CRC experts News fire, fire impacts, risk management
17 Jun 2021 Collaborating with the energy sector to protect communities News resilience, risk analysis, risk management
29 Nov 2018 Research reveals state of mental health News emergency management, mental health, risk management
22 May 2020 New book on the prevention of bushfires News fire, planning, risk management
14 May 2015 Science in Wildfire News communities, exposure, risk management
05 Mar 2019 Are we ready for more extreme hazards? News emergency management, land management, risk management
31 Aug 2017 The great escapes News fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
16 Jun 2017 Disasters loom but calm collaborations can bolster global agencies News child-centred, education, risk management
07 Dec 2015 Science in motion using research for impact News forecasting, risk management, scenario analysis

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