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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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Scientific diversity, scientific uncertainty and risk mitigation policy and planning: Annual project report 2015-2016 Biblio PDF icon save (938.45 KB) mitigation, policy, risk management
JASMIN: a high-resolution soil moisture analysis system for fire prediction Biblio PDF icon save (1.76 MB) fuel reduction, risk management, soil moisture
Volcanic eruptions and disruptions Biblio risk analysis, risk management
Progress made with school curricula, education material and relevant training in disaster risk reduction and recovery concepts and practices Biblio PDF icon save (90.98 KB) child-centred, risk management, vulnerability
Tomorrow's disasters – Embedding foresight principles into disaster risk assessment and treatment Biblio modelling, policy, risk management
Motivations and experiences of sheltering in place during floods: Implications for policy and practice Biblio communication, flood, risk management
Improving the Impact and Implementation of Disaster Education: Programs for Children Through Theory-Based Evaluation Biblio child-centred, communication, risk management
Adaptive prescribed burning in Australia for the early 21st Century – context, status, challenges Biblio PDF icon save (295.2 KB) fire, prescribed burning, risk management
Validation of a novel attentional bias modification task: The future may be in the cards Biblio fire, response, risk management
Improving forest sampling strategies for assessment of fuel reduction burning Biblio fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
Disaster resilience education: A practice framework for Australian emergency management agencies Biblio PDF icon save (1004.55 KB) child-centred, education, risk management
Fuels3D: barking up the wrong tree and beyond Biblio PDF icon save (1.08 MB) fire impacts, multi-hazard, risk management
Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk reduction: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (1013.67 KB) child-centred, resilience, risk management
Behaviour around floodwater: challenges for floodwater safety and risk communication Biblio communication, flood, risk management
National mental health and wellbeing study of police and emergency services Project mental health, resilience, risk management
Reimagining program monitoring and evaluation for disaster resilience outcomes Biblio PDF icon save (981.44 KB) communities, resilience, risk management
Social media in emergencies: An examination of government accountability for risk communication and warning Biblio PDF icon save (2.73 MB) emergency management, policy, risk management
Helping hands, hurting hooves: towards a multidisciplinary paradigm of large animal rescue Biblio animals, multi-hazard, risk management

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