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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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Transformative culture of disaster risk management as an enabler to resilience Biblio PDF icon save (741.25 KB) emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
Helping hands, hurting hooves: towards a multidisciplinary paradigm of large animal rescue Biblio animals, multi-hazard, risk management
Satellite Remote Sensing Contributions to Wildland Fire Science and Management Biblio fire, remote sensing, risk management
Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood prone buildings - Preliminary Building Schema Biblio PDF icon save (953.47 KB) flood, mitigation, risk management
JASMIN: a high-resolution soil moisture analysis system for fire prediction Biblio PDF icon save (1.76 MB) fuel reduction, risk management, soil moisture
Perceptions of risk and connection to landscape Biblio communities, fire, risk management
Improving forest sampling strategies for assessment of fuel reduction burning Biblio fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
Urban planning for natural hazard mitigation Project mitigation, planning, risk management
Tomorrow's disasters – Embedding foresight principles into disaster risk assessment and treatment Biblio modelling, policy, risk management
Motivations and experiences of sheltering in place during floods: Implications for policy and practice Biblio communication, flood, risk management
Risk perception, preparedness and response of livestock producers to bushfires: a South Australian case study Biblio PDF icon save (109.26 KB) animals, fire, risk management
Adaptive prescribed burning in Australia for the early 21st Century – context, status, challenges Biblio PDF icon save (295.2 KB) fire, prescribed burning, risk management
Managing animals in disasters: improving preparedness, response, and resilience through individual and organisational collaboration Project File save (0 bytes) animals, communication, risk management
Fighting the fires within: breaking down the barriers to mental help-seeking amongst first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and high psychological distress Project mental health, resilience, risk management
Systems Education for a Sustainable Planet: Preparing Children for Natural Disasters Biblio PDF icon save (303.88 KB) child-centred, communication, risk management
Fuels3D: barking up the wrong tree and beyond Biblio PDF icon save (1.08 MB) fire impacts, multi-hazard, risk management
Social media in emergencies: An examination of government accountability for risk communication and warning Biblio PDF icon save (2.73 MB) emergency management, policy, risk management
Behaviour around floodwater: challenges for floodwater safety and risk communication Biblio PDF icon save (426.96 KB) communication, flood, risk management
Are two halves better than one whole? A comparison of the amount and quality of sleep obtained by healthy adult males living on split and consolidated sleep–wake schedules Biblio capability, risk management, scenario analysis
Reimagining program monitoring and evaluation for disaster resilience outcomes Biblio PDF icon save (981.44 KB) communities, resilience, risk management
Integrated economic assessment of fire risk management strategies: Case studies in Central Otago, New Zealand, and Mount Lofty Region, South Australia Biblio PDF icon save (1.62 MB) economics, fire impacts, risk management
Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities – final project report Biblio PDF icon save (2.33 MB) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
Children's understanding of natural hazards in Christchurch: reflecting on a 2003 study Biblio PDF icon save (84.58 KB) child-centred, communication, risk management
A case study of South Australia's severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak Biblio PDF icon save (2.86 MB) coastal, risk management, storm surge
Risks assessments of non-compliant materials on buildings Project emergency management, risk analysis, risk management
Developing a scale to understand willingness to sacrifice personal safety for companion animals: The Pet-Owner Risk Propensity Scale (PORPS) Biblio animals, communication, risk management
Learning Lessons from Disasters: Alternatives to Royal Commissions and Other Quasi-Judicial Inquiries Biblio governance, risk management
Urban planning: historical changes integrating bushfire risk management in Victoria Biblio fire, planning, risk management
Risk modelling as a tool to support natural hazard risk management in New Zealand local government Biblio risk analysis, risk management, tsunami
Flash flood fatalities in NSW, VIC, ACT and South East QLD from 1 January 2000 to 30 June 2017 Biblio PDF icon save (1.59 MB) emergency management, flood, risk management
Disaster Risk Reduction in Bushfire Prone Areas: Challenges for an Integrated Land Use Planning Policy Regime Biblio fire, planning, risk management
Disaster risk reduction education in Indonesia: challenges and recommendations for scaling up Biblio child-centred, education, risk management
Classroom responses of New Zealand school teachers following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake Biblio child-centred, communication, risk management
School-based bushfire education: advancing teaching and learning for risk reduction and resilience Biblio PDF icon save (1.12 MB) education, fire impacts, risk management
An assessment of the viability of prescribed burning as a management tool under a changing climate: a Tasmanian case study Biblio PDF icon save (1.01 MB) fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
Institutional maps of risk ownership for strategic decision making Biblio PDF icon save (1.43 MB) planning, risk management, vulnerability
NSW RFS Bush Fire Household Assessment Tool Conference Paper 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (482.03 KB) communities, decision making, risk management
Valuing non-market economic impacts from natural hazards Biblio PDF icon save (736.18 KB) economics, emergency management, risk management
Australian inquiries into natural hazard events Biblio PDF icon save (1.46 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
19 Mar 2014 Scientific diversity and uncertainty - bushfire and flood risk mitigation Resource PDF icon save (241.15 KB) fire, flood, risk management

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