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risk management

Risk management refers to the forecasting and evaluation of current and future risks together with the identification of procedures to help avoid or minimise their impact.

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Animal emergency management in New Zealand Project animals, communication, risk management
Resilience and Mitigation through Hardening the Built Environment Biblio PDF icon save (1011.86 KB) earthquake, engineering, risk management
From hectares to tailor-made solutions for risk mitigation - systems to deliver effective prescribed burning across Australian ecosystems: annual project report 2016-17 Biblio PDF icon save (1.53 MB) fuel reduction, prescribed burning, risk management
Managing Animals in Disasters: Improving Preparedness, Response and Resilience Annual Report 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (1.01 MB) animals, communication, risk management
Denaturalising heatwaves: gendered social vulnerability in urban heatwaves, a review Biblio PDF icon save (1.05 MB) resilience, risk management, vulnerability
Understanding the nature of abrupt decadal shifts in a changing climate Biblio PDF icon save (16.64 MB) climate change, risk management
Estimating Fire Background Temperature at a Geostationary Scale—An Evaluation of Contextual Methods for AHI-8 Biblio fire impacts, fire weather, risk management
Review of literature on decision support systems for natural hazard risk reduction: current status and future research directions Biblio decision making, policy, risk management
The impact of individual factors and operational organisational resources and demands on mental health outcomes Project emergency management, resilience, risk management
Modelling the impact of lifeline infrastructure failure during natural hazard events Biblio PDF icon save (9.64 MB) emergency management, environments, risk management
Biogeographical variation in the potential effectiveness of prescribed fire in south-eastern Australia Biblio fire, prescribed burning, risk management
Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities – annual report 2018-2019 Biblio PDF icon save (2.56 MB) indigenous communities, resilience, risk management
Volcanic eruptions and disruptions Biblio risk analysis, risk management
Optimising post-disaster recovery interventions in Australia: annual project report 2018-19 Biblio PDF icon save (790.52 KB) emergency management, optimisation, risk management
Savanna fire management, resources, methods and effectiveness Project fire, planning, risk management
Scientific diversity, scientific uncertainty and risk mitigation policy and planning: Annual project report 2015-2016 Biblio PDF icon save (938.45 KB) mitigation, policy, risk management
A new decision support tool for prescribed burning risk assessment Biblio PDF icon save (748.61 KB) decision making, prescribed burning, risk management
Understanding Wildfire Patterns in the South-Eastern Australia Biblio PDF icon save (6 MB) fire, modelling, risk management
The recalibration of our relationships with science (and nature) by natural hazard risk mitigation practitioners Biblio emergency management, risk management
Building an ARC in the mountains: a community-led initiative to build an animal-ready community (ARC) in the NSW Blue Mountains to provide a template for similar activities Biblio PDF icon save (605.75 KB) animals, resilience, risk management
Progress made with school curricula, education material and relevant training in disaster risk reduction and recovery concepts and practices Biblio PDF icon save (90.98 KB) child-centred, risk management, vulnerability
Conditions for effective coproduction in community-led disaster risk management Biblio emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
Improving the Impact and Implementation of Disaster Education: Programs for Children Through Theory-Based Evaluation Biblio child-centred, communication, risk management
Australian inquiries into natural hazard events: Recommendations relating to urban planning for natural hazard mitigation (2009-2017) Biblio PDF icon save (1.94 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
Validation of a novel attentional bias modification task: The future may be in the cards Biblio fire, response, risk management
Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk reduction: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (1013.67 KB) child-centred, resilience, risk management
Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning close to houses Biblio economics, prescribed burning, risk management
Disaster resilience education: A practice framework for Australian emergency management agencies Biblio PDF icon save (1004.55 KB) child-centred, education, risk management
Increasing emergency management capacity through business sector involvement Biblio PDF icon save (503.1 KB) emergency management, land management, risk management
Effects of prenatal bushfire stress on life history traits in humans Biblio PDF icon save (6.95 MB) fire, fire impacts, risk management
Accredited qualifications for capacity development in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation Biblio emergency management, environments, risk management
Local Government Capacity and Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards: A Comparative Evaluation of Australian Local Government Areas Biblio PDF icon save (858.57 KB) planning, resilience, risk management
Helping hands, hurting hooves: towards a multidisciplinary paradigm of large animal rescue Biblio animals, multi-hazard, risk management
National mental health and wellbeing study of police and emergency services Project mental health, resilience, risk management
Urban planning and natural hazard risk reduction: critical frameworks for best practice Biblio PDF icon save (2.01 MB) mitigation, planning, risk management
Perceptions of risk and connection to landscape Biblio communities, fire, risk management
Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood prone buildings - Preliminary Building Schema Biblio PDF icon save (953.47 KB) flood, mitigation, risk management
Urban Water Management Issues and Challenges After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Recovery: Lessons Learned from Banda Aceh City, Indonesia Biblio infrastructure, recovery, risk management
Improved predictions of extreme sea levels around Australia Biblio PDF icon save (3.75 MB) emergency management, risk management, storm surge
Ecosystem resilience – establishment of collection and analyses for the third of 11 priority Ecological Fire Groups Project environments, resilience, risk management

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