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Monitoring, evaluation and learning toolkit Biblio PDF icon save (1.29 MB) communities, emergency management, preparedness
Post-inquiry sensemaking: the case of the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires Biblio fire, organisational, preparedness
17 May 2019 Powerful case for research Resource electricity, infrastructure, preparedness
Predicting delay in residents’ decisions on defending v. evacuating through antecedents of decision avoidance Biblio communication, communities, preparedness
Predicting risk-mitigating behaviors from indecisiveness and trait-anxiety: two cognitive pathways to task avoidance Biblio communication, communities, preparedness
23 Oct 2019 Predictive services research spotlighted News emergency management, forecasting, preparedness
Preparedness for natural hazards: testing an expanded education- and engagement-enhanced social cognitive model Biblio communities, preparedness, resilience
Pyrocumulonimbus Firepower Threshold: a pyrocumulonimbus prediction too Biblio PDF icon save (1.66 MB) fire impacts, preparedness, storm surge
Research activities within European Union research program for improving preparedness and resilience Biblio PDF icon save (1.32 MB) emergency management, preparedness, resilience
16 Mar 2020 Research team champions of change News communities, emergency management, preparedness
Societal influences on earthquake information meaning-making and household preparedness Biblio communities, earthquake, preparedness
15 May 2020 Special AJEM issue features research on children and disaster preparedness News child-centred, emergency management, preparedness
The role of prior experience in informing and motivating earthquake preparedness Biblio earthquake, preparedness, resilience
19 Jul 2019 Winning at disaster preparedness News child-centred, diversity and inclusion, preparedness
26 Oct 2018 Wrangling llamas in the laundry, the scratchy bits and the bitey end, stockings for muzzles, and keeping out of the kicking zone! Blog animals, communities, preparedness

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