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Policy is a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an individual or organisation.

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16 Dec 2019 Australia needs a national crisis plan, and not just for bushfires Blog emergency management, multi-hazard, policy
02 Oct 2015 Why you should do a three minute thesis presentation Blog flood, governance, policy
07 Mar 2017 Citizen’s juries: panacea for policy ‘ills’ or transforming government? Blog communities, policy, resilience
12 Apr 2016 Mitigating future risk with science Blog decision making, policy, risk management
13 Jan 2016 Inconvenient truth about disaster mitigation Blog fuel reduction, mitigation, policy
26 May 2015 Learning lessons in America Blog decision making, governance, policy
19 Mar 2018 Interest high and utilisation focus Blog communication, policy, resilience
11 Mar 2016 Expedited ethics review of time-critical research Blog emergency management, planning, policy
31 Jul 2017 What comes first? Building DRR by cultivating a preceding culture of preparedness as a ‘social norm’ Blog animals, policy, resilience
04 Jan 2020 Doing more of the same on fires will not mitigate disaster impact Blog climate change, policy, resilience
02 Sep 2020 Valuing each other - why diversity and inclusion matters Blog diversity and inclusion, emergency management, policy
19 May 2016 Charting pathways at a critical point Blog emergency management, governance, policy
14 Sep 2015 Social media in emergency management Blog communication, policy
21 Oct 2016 Learning lessons from, and about, post disaster inquiries Blog decision making, emergency management, policy
03 May 2017 Project update - scientific diversity News governance, planning, policy
20 Oct 2017 Congratulations to PhDs News policy, remote sensing, volunteering
09 Mar 2018 Disaster reduction in the spotlight News policy, recovery, resilience
14 Dec 2016 Scientific diversity project update News flood, mitigation, policy
25 Jan 2019 PhD science for New Zealand priorities News fire impacts, local knowledge, policy
10 Oct 2019 Inquiries housed in database News emergency management, multi-hazard, policy
12 Jun 2015 Project news - Economics of Natural Hazards News economics, multi-hazard, policy
09 May 2016 The social life of science in policy and planning News governance, planning, policy
08 Apr 2020 Disaster justice book draws on CRC research News emergency management, framework, policy
18 Dec 2017 Intangible value News economics, multi-hazard, policy
02 Mar 2018 Utilisation update - scientific diversity News governance, planning, policy
15 Nov 2016 Project news – Policies, institutions and governance of natural hazards News emergency management, governance, policy
12 Dec 2018 Intangible value News economics, multi-hazard, policy
20 Aug 2019 Special address to honour public benefit research pioneer News emergency management, planning, policy
26 May 2016 Scientific diversity - project update News communities, mitigation, policy
17 Jun 2014 Mitigation blog News decision making, planning, policy
18 Apr 2018 Students take the lead at forum News communities, multi-hazard, policy
13 Jul 2017 How to stop people entering floodwater News decision making, flood, policy
16 Dec 2020 Black Summer recommendations add to knowledge News emergency management, multi-hazard, policy
20 Aug 2020 Natural hazards science is a sound investment for Australia: Chief Scientist News climate change, policy
13 Nov 2017 Scientific diversity project update News governance, planning, policy
09 May 2016 Mitigation, flood forecasting and policy in focus News communities, mitigation, policy
20 Oct 2017 Briefing to enhance policy News emergency management, policy, risk management
26 Sep 2016 Project update - scientific diversity News flood, mitigation, policy
08 Oct 2019 R&D in Australia – is it delivering? News capability, policy, risk management
20 Jul 2018 National focus on mitigation policy News emergency management, multi-hazard, policy

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