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Modelling refers to the activity of visualising a theoretical concept.

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Flooding in South Australia - improved approaches for flood risk reduction by joint consideration of structural, land use planning and community resilience Project flood, modelling
Landscape moisture modelling Project land management, modelling, soil moisture
Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling project: annual project report 2016-17 Biblio PDF icon save (806.63 KB) fire weather, modelling, severe weather
Quantifying dynamic fire behaviour phenomena using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology Biblio PDF icon save (2.14 MB) fire, modelling, physics
Dynamic modelling of fire coalescence Biblio PDF icon save (4.5 MB) fire, modelling, physics
Implementing CRC research: development of a tool for assessing post-fire hydrologic risk Biblio PDF icon save (3.66 MB) fire impacts, hydrology, modelling
Implementation of spatially-varying wind adjustment factor for wildfire simulations Biblio fire, fire weather, modelling
Developing better predictions for extreme water levels: Final data report Biblio PDF icon save (4.24 MB) coastal, modelling, severe weather
Pre-Disaster Multi-Hazard and Economic Loss Estimation Model Annual Report 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (847.42 KB) economics, modelling, multi-hazard
Cost effectiveness of fire management strategies in southern Australia Biblio fire, modelling, organisational
Fire coalescence and mass spot fire dynamics: experimentation, modelling and simulation: Annual project report 2015-2016 Biblio PDF icon save (1.25 MB) fire impacts, fire severity, modelling
Developing and testing models of the drivers of anthropogenic and lightning-caused wildfire ignitions in south-eastern Australia Biblio fire, modelling, risk management
Simulating boundary-layer rolls with a numerical weather prediction model Biblio fire, modelling
An early exploration of the use of the Microsoft Azure Kinect for estimation of urban tree Diameter at Breast Height Biblio modelling, remote sensing, resilience
Use of Macroseismic Intensity Data to Validate a Regionally Adjustable Ground Motion Prediction Model Biblio earthquake, engineering, modelling
A response to comments of Cruz et al. on: ‘Simulation study of grass fire using a physics-based model: striving towards numerical rigour and the effect of grass height on the rate of spread’ Biblio fire, modelling, physics
Out-of-plane fragility of URM parts and components based on time-history analysis-comparison to simplified force-based approaches Biblio PDF icon save (1.58 MB) earthquake, engineering, modelling
An investigation of the dynamics of fire-fire interactions using a coupled fire-atmosphere model Project fire, modelling
Towards operational SAR-based flood mapping using neuro-fuzzy texture-based approaches Biblio flood, forecasting, modelling
Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on sub-canopy wind speed profiles Biblio PDF icon save (988.48 KB) fire, modelling, propagation
Understanding Wildfire Patterns in the South-Eastern Australia Biblio PDF icon save (6 MB) fire, modelling, risk management
Connecting Weather and Hazard: A partnership of physical scientists in connected disciplines Biblio fire weather, modelling, severe weather
Identification of hydrologic models, optimized parameteres, and rainfall inputs consistent with in situ streamflow and rainfall and remotely sensed soil moisture Biblio flood, modelling, remote sensing
Suitability of Height Amplification Factors for Seismic Assessment of Existing Unreinforced Masonry Components Biblio earthquake, engineering, modelling
Predicting sediment delivery from debris flows after wildfire Biblio fire impacts, modelling, physics
Development of a predictive model for estimating forest surface fuel load in Australian eucalypt forests with LiDAR data Biblio fire, modelling, remote sensing
Models of buoyant plume rise Biblio PDF icon save (1.3 MB) fire, fire weather, modelling
An Adaptive Ground Motion Prediction Equation for Use in Low-to-Moderate Seismicity Regions Biblio earthquake, modelling, physics
Empirical analysis of spot fire and ember behaviour during extreme fire weather conditions Project fire weather, forecasting, modelling
Determination of Firebrand Characteristics Using Thermal Videos Biblio PDF icon save (3.51 MB) fire, fire severity, modelling
Utilisation of fire spread simulators to assess power network fire risk Biblio PDF icon save (1.51 MB) communities, modelling, warnings
Natural hazard exposure information modelling framework: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (1.11 MB) framework, modelling, resilience
Shear Wall and Frame Dual Systems Featuring Discontinuous Load Paths in Frame Elements in Low-to-Moderate Seismic Regions Biblio earthquake, modelling, physics
Estimating fire severity and carbon emissions over Australian tropical savannahs based on passive microwave satellite observations Biblio fire, modelling, remote sensing
Large-eddy simulation of neutral atmospheric surface layer flow over heterogeneous tree canopies Biblio PDF icon save (1.28 MB) fire, modelling, propagation
Physics-based simulations of grassfire propagation on sloped terrain at field scale: motivations, model reliability, rate of spread and fire intensity Biblio fire, modelling, physics
Australian Flammability Monitoring System Version 1.0: User feedback and priorities for further development Biblio PDF icon save (688.21 KB) fire, fire weather, modelling
Development of an interface using penalisation method for improving computational performance of bushfire simulation tools Project fire, modelling, physics
Wind speed reduction induced by post-fire vegetation regrowth Biblio PDF icon save (1.36 MB) fire impacts, modelling, physics
Pyrocumulonimbus: A Literature Review Biblio PDF icon save (694.88 KB) fire, modelling

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