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Mitigation is the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.

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12 Dec 2018 Strength in the face of high winds News cyclone, engineering, mitigation
14 Dec 2016 Scientific diversity project update News flood, mitigation, policy
10 Dec 2014 Newsletter - Scientific Diversity project News communication, mitigation
23 Aug 2018 New grant for Queenslanders News cyclone, mitigation, Northern Australia
02 Mar 2016 Project update - scientific diversity News communities, mitigation, policy
27 Jun 2019 Building the knowledge to better prepare for extreme natural hazards News climate change, coincident events, mitigation
26 Sep 2016 Project update - scientific diversity News flood, mitigation, policy
11 Jan 2019 Student cyclone interest up north News cyclone, mitigation, resilience
09 Aug 2016 Reducing hazard impacts with smarter spending News economics, mitigation, multi-hazard
18 Dec 2017 Strength in the face of high winds News cyclone, engineering, mitigation
09 May 2016 Mitigating disasters: the inconvenient truth News flood, fuel reduction, mitigation
14 Jun 2016 PhD students complete News emergency management, mitigation, multi-hazard
28 Feb 2020 Are we ready for cascading extreme hazards beyond our experience? News climate change, coincident events, mitigation
11 Dec 2015 Scientific diversity project news News communities, mitigation, policy
15 May 2019 Prescribed burning research warm up to conference News forecasting, mitigation, prescribed burning
13 Oct 2014 Public event marks International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction News communities, mitigation, resilience
04 May 2018 Lessons learnt post-disaster News emergency management, mitigation, volunteering
12 Feb 2015 Scientific Diversity project update News communication, mitigation
28 Feb 2018 Survey to protect historic WA town from earthquake News earthquake, emergency management, mitigation
09 Dec 2016 Flood research underway in Launceston News engineering, flood, mitigation
01 Aug 2019 Spotlight on prevention, compliance and infrastructure as engineering sector strengthens AFAC19 News infrastructure, mitigation
12 Oct 2018 Asia-Pacific research display for PhD News cyclone, mitigation
09 May 2016 Mitigation, flood forecasting and policy in focus News communities, mitigation, policy
13 Feb 2015 Media get briefing on key research issues News emergency management, mitigation, planning
12 Feb 2016 River bed mapping to help flood forecasting News flood, forecasting, mitigation
06 Dec 2018 Queenslanders benefit from cyclone research News cyclone, mitigation, resilience
07 Dec 2016 Researchers test tropical cyclone deployment strategies News cyclone, engineering, mitigation
15 Jul 2015 Project news - Scientific diversity News communication, mitigation
30 May 2017 Making disaster preparation normal: what can we learn from Indonesia? News education, mitigation, tsunami
17 Aug 2017 Participants needed for study of cyclone mitigation behaviour News cyclone, decision making, mitigation
17 Sep 2018 Powering community value News electricity, mitigation, resilience
04 May 2017 CRC student awarded for research paper News engineering, flood, mitigation
13 Jun 2017 Post-Tracy building codes ‘reduce cyclone deaths’ Press Clipping cyclone, engineering, mitigation
03 Apr 2017 What’s critical about critical infrastructure? Press Clipping mitigation, planning, policy
12 Feb 2015 CRC says paying for mitigation, relocation more sensible than natural disaster recovery efforts Press Clipping mitigation, planning, policy
14 Dec 2016 Is your health prepared for storm season? Press Clipping capability, mitigation, severe weather
30 Jun 2017 Building codes not enough to protect homes against water damage in severe storms Press Clipping cyclone, engineering, mitigation
13 Jun 2017 Cyclone Debbie highlights building failure issues Press Clipping cyclone, engineering, mitigation
12 Feb 2015 National science briefing told disaster areas should be abandoned Press Clipping mitigation, planning, policy
Flood risk mitigation assessment for Launceston Project engineering, flood, mitigation

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