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Flood refers to an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits, especially over what is normally dry land.

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07 Feb 2018 Flood research highlighted News communities, flood, warnings
19 Nov 2018 A new wave of PhD completions News earthquake, fire, flood
13 Mar 2019 Developing partnerships to inform media News communication, fire, flood
12 Dec 2018 Looking back can prevent future flood deaths News economics, flood, risk analysis
15 May 2019 New online - May 2019 News emergency management, fire, flood
18 Dec 2017 Looking back can prevent future flood deaths News economics, flood, risk analysis
26 Apr 2017 History provides a lesson in preventing flood deaths News decision making, flood, warnings
14 Oct 2015 Succinct science is key News fire severity, flood, infrastructure
30 May 2017 Where, why and how are Australians dying in floods? News communication, education, flood
21 Jul 2017 Lismore floods, did you stay or did you go? News cyclone, decision making, flood
21 Feb 2019 New research funding available News emergency management, fire, flood
24 Jul 2019 Vehicle related flood deaths - practice brief two July 2019 News communication, flood, warnings
26 Sep 2016 Project update - scientific diversity News flood, mitigation, policy
29 Mar 2018 Could Sydney be the next Houston? News cyclone, flood, planning
28 Jul 2015 Magazine promotes science News child-centred, earthquake, flood
11 Mar 2015 Newsletter 3 - fatalities and building losses News flood, heat transfer, severe weather
08 Apr 2017 Cyclone Debbie: Why was aftermath deadlier than storm itself? Press Clipping communities, cyclone, flood
Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data Project flood, forecasting, remote sensing
Fragility and resilience of bridge structures subjected to extreme wave-induced loads Project flood, infrastructure
Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data (PhD project) Project flood, remote sensing
Flood risk reduction in a dynamic urban context exploring the urban-water-resilience nexus Project flood, mitigation, resilience
Flooding in South Australia - improved approaches for flood risk reduction by joint consideration of structural, land use planning and community resilience Project flood, modelling
Flood risk mitigation assessment for Launceston Project engineering, flood, mitigation
Prediction of scour on bridge piers under flood loading Project engineering, exposure, flood
Flood risk communication Project communication, flood, warnings
Synthetic damage curves for concrete girder bridges under flood hazard Project flood, infrastructure
Improving land dryness measures and forecasts Project fire, flood, remote sensing
Townsville flood 2019 - post event data collection Project emergency management, flood, warnings
Why do people decide to drive through floodwater? Utilising virtual reality to assess motivations and behaviour associated with driving through floodwater Project communities, decision making, flood
Pre-disaster flood damage assessment in urban areas Project flood
Resilience to clustered disaster events on the coast - storm surge Project coincident events, flood, storm surge
Flood management in a changing climate: integrating effective approaches Project flood, planning, policy
Land use planning treatment of flood risk in cities Project flood, land management, policy
Cost-effective mitigation strategy for flood prone buildings Project engineering, flood, mitigation
Developing a flash flood warning system for short duration catchments using rain fields data, 2D hydrodynamic modelling and best-practice emergency communication Project flood, forecasting, modelling
Towards a comprehensive data assimilation framework for operational hydrodynamic flood forecasting Project flood, remote sensing
Developing better predictions for extreme water levels Project flood, surface wave, tsunami
Homelessness and severe storms: a case study of the June 2016 East Coast Low Project communities, flood, severe weather
18 Sep 2018 Flood assessment in urban areas Resource PDF icon save (668.38 KB) flood, risk analysis
11 Sep 2015 Framework to inspect floodways towards estimating damage Resource PDF icon save (902.46 KB) flood

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