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Flood refers to an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits, especially over what is normally dry land.

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15 Apr 2016 Mixing hobbies and science Blog coastal, flood, tsunami
01 Apr 2016 An interesting week in Malaysia Blog emergency management, flood, tropical
15 Jul 2015 Searching for clues Blog decision making, flood, risk analysis
15 Jun 2016 People, policy and floods Blog coastal, flood, mitigation
18 Dec 2018 Inspiring research in another continent Blog flood, modelling, risk management
07 Jun 2016 Flood deaths are avoidable: don’t go in the water Blog decision making, education, flood
02 Oct 2015 Why you should do a three minute thesis presentation Blog flood, governance, policy
08 Mar 2018 Risk and warning communication that supports women during disasters Blog communication, flood, warnings
25 Aug 2014 Project team meets on Lockyer Valley case study Blog flood, infrastructure
14 Dec 2016 Scientific diversity project update News flood, mitigation, policy
21 Jun 2018 Research highlighted at peak flood forum News flood
09 May 2016 Mitigating disasters: the inconvenient truth News flood, fuel reduction, mitigation
30 May 2019 National award for warnings research News communication, flood, warnings
09 Sep 2019 UNHaRMED makes waves in SA News decision making, flood, policy
21 Aug 2018 New online - August 2018 News child-centred, emergency management, flood
08 Jun 2016 Flood paper highly commended News flood, risk analysis, vulnerability
17 Nov 2020 Assessing floodwater and communicating risk News communication, flood, warnings
21 Dec 2018 Driving into floodwater - practice brief one December 2018 News communication, flood, warnings
29 Mar 2018 Can your community cope with rising tides? News coastal, communities, flood
28 Jun 2019 Is it floodwater, a wet road or just a puddle? News communication, decision making, flood
21 Dec 2020 Would you drive into floodwater? News communication, flood, warnings
27 Jun 2018 PhD wins prestigious award News flood, hydrology, remote sensing
24 Jul 2015 Oceans on the Rise News coastal, flood, tsunami
30 Jan 2017 Research informs flood safe campaign News decision making, education, flood
04 Oct 2017 Flood warning research leading impact News communication, flood, warnings
12 Feb 2016 River bed mapping to help flood forecasting News flood, forecasting, mitigation
13 Jul 2017 How to stop people entering floodwater News decision making, flood, policy
18 Mar 2019 Quick response for flood assessment News emergency management, flood, warnings
09 May 2016 Remote sensing flood data is filling the gaps News flood, forecasting, remote sensing
08 May 2020 Communicating and perceiving flood risks and warnings News communication, flood, risk analysis
09 Dec 2016 Flood research underway in Launceston News engineering, flood, mitigation
07 Feb 2018 Flood research highlighted News communities, flood, warnings
23 Aug 2018 Climate and water research over summer News communities, flood
29 Oct 2014 Missed the Research Forum? Audio and video now available News communities, fire, flood
13 Mar 2019 Developing partnerships to inform media News communication, fire, flood
06 Apr 2016 Big ideas for resilient cities News emergency management, flood, resilience
19 Nov 2018 A new wave of PhD completions News earthquake, fire, flood
15 May 2019 New online - May 2019 News emergency management, fire, flood
04 May 2017 CRC student awarded for research paper News engineering, flood, mitigation
18 Dec 2017 Looking back can prevent future flood deaths News economics, flood, risk analysis

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