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Fire is the product of a chemical reaction between fuel, oxygen and heat. Heat is necessary to start the reaction and once ignited, fire produces its own heat and becomes self-supporting.

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Deriving comprehensive forest structure information from mobile laser scanning observations using automated point cloud classification Biblio fire, fire impacts, remote sensing
Fire-driven decline of endemic Allosyncarpia monsoon rainforests in Northern Australia Biblio environments, fire, land management
Mapping bushfire hazards and impacts annual report 2018-2019 Biblio PDF icon save (1.71 MB) fire, fire impacts, fire weather
Examining bushfire policy in action: Preparedness and behaviour in the 2009 Black Saturday fires Biblio PDF icon save (438.46 KB), PDF icon save (513.82 KB) communities, fire, policy
Why don't bushfire warnings work as intended? Responses to official warnings during bushfires in New South Wales, Australia Biblio communities, fire, warnings
Carbon loss from planned fires in southeastern Australian dry Eucalyptus forests Biblio fire, fuel reduction
Fire in the south: a cross-continental exchange Biblio PDF icon save (6.19 MB) fire, indigenous communities
Human error during the multilevel responses to three Australian bushfire disasters Biblio decision making, emergency management, fire
Southeast Australia Aboriginal fire forum Biblio PDF icon save (2.31 MB) fire, fire impacts, Northern Australia
Modelling of tree fires and fires transitioning from the forest floor to the canopy with a physics-based model Biblio fire, modelling, physics
Mitigating the Effects of Severe Fires, Floods and Heatwaves Annual Report 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (1.12 MB) fire, flood, remote sensing
Numerical modelling of fires on forest floor and canopy fires Biblio PDF icon save (1.64 MB) fire, fire impacts, modelling
Simulating boundary-layer rolls with a numerical weather prediction model Biblio fire, modelling
Australian householders’ psychological preparedness for potential natural hazard threats: An exploration of contributing factors Biblio communities, emergency management, fire
Simulations of the effect of canopy density profile on sub-canopy wind speed profiles Biblio PDF icon save (1.08 MB) fire, fire weather, modelling
Risk and protection factors for bushfire resilience and recovery - non peer reviewed extended abstract Biblio PDF icon save (203.71 KB) fire, recovery, resilience
Calculation of critical water flow rates for wildfire suppression Biblio PDF icon save (1.69 MB) fire, firefighter, response
Geographic Patterns of Fire Severity Following an Extreme Eucalyptus Forest Fire in Southern Australia: 2013 Forcett-Dunalley Fire Biblio PDF icon save (8 MB) fire, fire weather, remote sensing
Using alternative soil moisture estimates in the McArthur Forest Fire Danger Index Biblio fire, fire impacts, modelling
Experiences with the global impacts of climate change Biblio PDF icon save (1.26 MB) climate change, fire, fire impacts
Youth Justice Conferencing for youth misuse of fire: a child-centred disaster risk reduction mechanism Biblio PDF icon save (181.58 KB) child-centred, fire
Sampling and data analysis of field sites in NSW Biblio PDF icon save (1.47 MB) fire, fuel reduction
Understanding Wildfire Patterns in the South-Eastern Australia Biblio fire, modelling, risk management
Experiences of sheltering during the Black Saturday bushfires: Implications for policy and research Biblio fire, fire impacts, vulnerability
How does remotely sensed degree of curing and fuel load vary in grasslands and effect modelled fire spread? Biblio PDF icon save (5.01 MB) fire, remote sensing
Utilization of remote sensing techniques for the quantification of fire behavior in two pine stands Biblio environments, fire, remote sensing
Simulating the effectiveness of prescribed burning at altering wildfire behaviour in Tasmania, Australia Biblio fire, fuel reduction, prescribed burning
Physics-Based Simulation of Heat Load on Structures for Improving Construction Standards for Bushfire Prone Areas Biblio PDF icon save (1.55 MB) engineering, fire, physics
Urban planning: historical changes integrating bushfire risk management in Victoria Biblio fire, planning, risk management
Where do we put our dollars? Economic analysis of different bushfire management options in Western Australia Biblio PDF icon save (391.13 KB) economics, emergency management, fire
Modelling wind direction distributions using a diagnostic model in the context of probabilistic fire spread prediction Biblio PDF icon save (9.25 MB) fire, fire weather, severe weather
Post-inquiry sensemaking: the case of the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires Biblio fire, organisational, preparedness
Investigating surface and near-surface bushfire fuel attributes: a comparison between visual assessments and image-based point clouds Biblio environments, fire, remote sensing
Initiation of smouldering combustion in biomass Biblio fire, prescribed burning
Emerging technologies for estimating fuel hazard Biblio PDF icon save (2.85 MB) capability, fire, remote sensing
Using discrete event simulation cellular automata models to determine multi-mode travel times and routes of terrestrial suppression resources to wildland fires Biblio emergency management, fire
Particle tracking and detection software for firebrands characterization in wildland fires Biblio fire, fire severity, physics
Community preparedness and responses to the 2017 NSW bushfires Biblio PDF icon save (561.7 KB) communities, fire, fire impacts
Determining threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour: annual project report 2016-17 Biblio PDF icon save (1.52 MB) fire, fire impacts, fire severity
Culturally appropriate mapping tools for informing two-way fire management planning in remote indigenous north Australian communities - peer viewed Biblio PDF icon save (531.79 KB) fire, Northern Australia, planning

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