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emergency management

Emergency management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding both natural and manmade disasters. It involves preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.

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Risk modelling as a tool to support local government emergency management Biblio PDF icon save (690.83 KB) emergency management, risk analysis, tsunami
Do disasters predict international pharmacy legislation? Biblio emergency management, governance, response
Planning and capability requirements for catastrophic and cascading events Biblio PDF icon save (659.92 KB) capability, emergency management, planning
Enhancing public information practice in Tasmania’s emergency services (TFS and SES) Project communities, emergency management
Valuing volunteers: better understanding the primary motives for volunteering in Australian emergency services Biblio PDF icon save (1.86 MB) communities, emergency management, volunteering
Improving decision-making in complex multi-team environments Project File save (0 bytes), File save (0 bytes), File save (0 bytes), File save (0 bytes) decision making, emergency management, scenario analysis
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Asymmetrical Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Australia Biblio earthquake, emergency management, mitigation
Townsville flood 2019 - post event data collection Project emergency management, flood, warnings
SES fit for task Project emergency management, recruitment, volunteering
The potential role of the commonwealth in responding to catastrophic disasters Biblio PDF icon save (6.84 MB) emergency management, risk analysis
Emergency volunteering shared learning network Biblio PDF icon save (2.1 MB) emergency management, volunteering
The sensitivity of the empirical mode decomposition and its application on environmental data Biblio PDF icon save (13.9 MB) decision making, emergency management
Integrated response as a process for enhancing emergency management Project emergency management, resilience
Prevalence and predictors of mental health in firefighters Biblio PDF icon save (604.44 KB) capability, emergency management, resilience
Large damage bills to buildings from cyclones can be reduced by small actions Biblio PDF icon save (507.42 KB) cyclone, emergency management, resilience
Diversity and inclusion framework for emergency management policy and practice Biblio PDF icon save (1.69 MB) diversity and inclusion, emergency management, policy
Long-term solutions to improve emergency management services in remote communities in northern Australia Biblio communities, emergency management, Northern Australia
Animal emergency management in South Australia: a case study of the Sampson Flat bushfire Biblio animals, communities, emergency management
Accredited qualifications for capacity development in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation Biblio emergency management, environments, risk management
Investigating the effects of soil moisture, temperature and preciptiation extremes on fire risk and intensity in Australia Biblio PDF icon save (43.2 MB) emergency management, fire severity, soil moisture
Community engagement for disaster risk reduction through embedding DRR values Project emergency management, multi-hazard
Overcoming Ambiguity: Conflict Between Emergency Warning Messages and Socio-Environmental Cues Biblio communication, emergency management, warnings
Capability needs for emergency & disaster management organisations Project capability, emergency management, scenario analysis
Cost-Effective Mitigation Strategy Development for Building Related Earthquake Risk Annual Report 2017-2018 Biblio PDF icon save (3.04 MB) earthquake, emergency management, mitigation
Organisational socialisation of volunteers in an emergency services agency Biblio PDF icon save (564.04 KB) emergency management, recruitment, volunteering
Natural Hazards and Disaster Justice: Challenges for Australia and Its Neighbours Biblio emergency management, framework, policy
Disaggregation of JASMIN soil moisture product to 1KM resolution Biblio PDF icon save (1.52 MB) emergency management, land management, soil moisture

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